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Green Procurement Plan - Part B: Scorecard for Goods - Promotional Items

Last updated: 2011-09-06


Green: Mandatory specification or fully implemented initiative.
Yellow: Optional specification or partially implemented initiative.
Red: Identified as a potential specification or initiative. Not yet incorporated into GoC procurement.

Proposed Standard Environmental Considerations for all Contracts
GoC Commitment to Green Procurement
Standard paragraph stating commitment to integrating environmental considerations into GoC procurement Red Green Green  
Reports and billing
Invoices and correspondence to be sent and processed electronically Yellow Yellow Green  
Use of electronic signatures, where client capacity to accept them exists, to reduce paper consumption Yellow Yellow Green  
Limitations on number of hard copies of documents provided Green Green Green  
Paper is certified as originating from a sustainably managed forest and/or has a minimum of 30% recycled content Red Yellow Green  
Commodity group has taken action to encourage reduction in consumption. Red Yellow Yellow It is the client decision to decide their needs in terms of # of products
Commodity group has taken action to encourage sharing of surplus assets. Red Yellow Yellow Clients may decide to share surplus to other groups within their own department
Commodity group has identified alternatives to procurement. Red Red Yellow  
Supplier Engagement
Survey of suppliers to identify environmental features of products. Red Green Green Based on client department demand, a survey will be completed for the 2011 SA. Also, as part of evaluation criteria, they will get point for each environmental initiative
Supplier communication to indicate environmental objectives in future years. Green Green Green Communicated that evaluation would award points for environmental attributes.
Successful bidders' environmental information available - within government Green Green Green Environmental information available in each Supply Arrangement document published on the PWGSC Standing Offer Index.
- publicly Green Green Green Available on some suppliers' internet sites
1. Manufacturer's commitment to the environment
Manufacturer's environmental policy statement Yellow Yellow Green Suppliers have limited policies on packaging and reuse of defective products. In future, will look to broader environmental policies governing operations.
Manufacturer has history on environmental initiatives. Yellow Yellow Green  
Manufacturer has conducted waste audit. Red Red Yellow  
Manufacturer has plans for environmental improvements. Yellow Yellow Green  
ISO 14000 accreditation Yellow Yellow Green  
2. Resource input
Use of non-organic solvent-based adhesives Red Yellow Yellow  
Metal components finished using low VOC emitting technology Red Yellow Yellow  
Metal parts contain recycled content Red Yellow Yellow  
Plastic parts contain recycled content Red Yellow Yellow  
Major rigid plastic parts stamped with composition code for recycling Red Yellow Yellow  
3. Manufacturing
Waste material from the manufacturing process is minimized. Red Yellow Green  
Waste material from the manufacturing process is recycled. Red Yellow Green  
4. Packaging and Distribution
Packaging is designed to minimize waste. Yellow Yellow Green  
Recyled materials are used to produce the packaging. Yellow Yellow Green  
Supplier accepts the packaging for reuse, recycling, or recovery. Yellow Yellow Green  
Shipping method is environmentally preferable Red Yellow Yellow  
5. Disposal
Product buy or take back program. Red Red Yellow  
Program exists to recondition, reuse, or recycle parts Red Red Yellow