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Specifications and Standards

Facsimiles (non-secure)

Annex B Global Technical Specifications and Standards

National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) Required Technical Specifications

  • Capable of Automated or Semi-automated faxing of double sided originals. (i.e. The facsimile scans all first sides of a double-sided original, the document is either automatically or manually turned over and the second side is scanned.
  • Capable of printing received transmission double-sided

NMSO Required Standards

  • Certified by the manufacturer as complying with the Class A or B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus set out in the Interference Causing Equipment Standard (ICES-003) of Industry Canada, or US FCC Class A or B equivalent emission limits for digital apparatus as set in the Radio Interference Regulations
  • Manufactured in facilities that are ISO 14001 3rd party certified
  • Energy Star Qualified (or equivalent)

NMSO Optional Technical Specifications

  • Copying capability
  • PC scanning capability
  • PC fax capability
  • Internet fax capability
  • Scan to email capability
  • Recycled toner cartridges available
  • Uses ozone filter

NMSO Optional Standards

  • Third Party Environmental Performance Labeling. The facsimile has been approved for environmental Ecolabeling Certification