Streamlined and coordinated decision-making

A key objective of the Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS) is streamlining defence procurement processes.

The Defence Procurement Strategy will include the establishment of a permanent Working Group of Ministers chaired by the Minister of Public Works and Government Services (PWGSC), and will include the ministers of National Defence, Industry, International Trade, and Fisheries and Oceans (when required for Canadian Coast Guard procurement projects) to ensure shared accountability in defence procurements to enable these to proceed faster and in a more efficient and coordinated manner. The Working Group will act as a forum for discussion, advice and to resolve issues in the implementation of major procurement projects.

The Working Group of Ministers will be supported by a permanent Deputy Ministers Governance Committee (DMGC), which is the key decision-making body for the implementation of the Defence Procurement Strategy and chaired by Public Works and Government Services Canada. The DMGC will provide guidance for defence and major Canadian Coast Guard procurements and ensure timely and appropriate decisions among competing objectives associated with particular procurements.

Defence Procurement Secretariat

A permanent Defence Procurement Secretariat will be established within PWGSC and report to the Deputy Ministers Governance Committee. The Secretariat will undertake and/or support the following roles in this context:

  • Ensuring early engagement in the procurement process;
  • Developing and integrating Value Propositions into procurement processes;
  • Developing options to support decision-making, based on consideration of trade-offs involving capabilities, as well as cost and benefit to Canada;
  • Using independent advice to strengthen the integrity of the procurement process;
  • Ensuring a coordinated approach to implementation of the Defence Procurement Strategy across multiple departments, including PWGSC, National Defence, Industry Canada, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada;
  • Using an issue resolution approach to address problems quickly and effectively; and,
  • Assessing and evaluating the performance of the Defence Procurement Strategy.

The procurement process will include early industry and client engagement, use of independent advice, timely and effective decision-making, and ensuring procurements support the desired outcomes that are of benefit to Canada.