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Quotation for Design Change or Additional Work

You are requested to inspect the work specified and to furnish without delay a firm price quotation for carrying out this work.

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Drawings Affected Titles Drawing No. Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
Drawings Affected 1
Drawings Affected 2
Drawings Affected 3
Drawings Affected 4
Description of Work
Person hours
Contract Chargeout
Rate per Hour
Description of Work 1
Description of Work 2
Description of Work 3
Sub-Total A
Material Requirements
Net Cost
Profit per Contract Total
Material Requirements 1
Material Requirements 2
Material Requirements 3
Sub-Total B
Delivery this work can be carried out during the scheduled period of construction.


are days.

Signature: _____________________________________

Summary of Cost

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Inspector's Certification

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Technical Authority Certification

Certified as being technically acceptable and in accordance with the above specified requirements.

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Contracting Authority to Take Work in Hand (PWGSC)

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Note: Attach additional sheets if necessary.