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Contracting Plan and Report Form – Sample

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Instructions to bidders/Contractors

This form serves two functions: planning and estimating the cost of work, and reporting actual progress and cost against the plan during contract performance.


The work and cost plan may be prepared on the attached form and must be submitted as part of your proposal. The plan must demonstrate how you propose to perform the contractual work by subdividing the work into tasks and providing an estimate of the cost for each task and a schedule for its completion. It must include Task Description, Task Duration and Task Cost.

The image shows an example of a completed form as of August 31, (shown with a heavy line). Examples of tasks represented are: Design, Material, Fabrication, Assembly and Test.


A lined rectangle box indicates the Original Estimate
A dark rectangle box indicates the Completed Work
Two dotted lines indicate the Revised Estimate.

Progress Report

Following contract award, monthly progress reports, which record actual start dates and projected completion dates by task, actual cost by task, actual cost by time period and Estimated to Complete (E.T.C.) by task must be prepared and submitted in accordance with this sample. Progress reports must be completed to the satisfaction of the Contracting Authority before progress payment claims are processed for payments.

Contracting Plan and Report Form Sample

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