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1. Introduction

The quality levels for bookbinding stated herein are standards intended to provide a means of communication between the client department and the supplier regarding the quality of binding acceptable for government books and publication.

The selection of a bookbinding method depends upon the nature of the book, the longevity required, its intended use, and budget. There are three basic classifications of bindings:

  • Mechanical Binding
  • Sewn Binding
  • Adhesive Binding

The quality levels expected from the products are outlined in Sections 3 "The Finished Product on the Next Page"; 4 "Materials" and 5 "Tests".

Books bound or rebound for library use are subject to the quality requirements outlined in Section 6, in addition to those requirements described herein.

Adequate performance, in use, is the primary consideration of these quality standards. This document avoids overstated and expensive binding and the focus is on adequate performance over the intended life span of the book or the publication.

The data shown were developed following a review of recent Library Binding Institute Standards and of a large number of books and publications produced commercially. All of the requirements can be readily attained and are quite normal in many printing houses.

It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that the binding meets these quality requirements regardless of the method of manufacture.

It is incumbent on the supplier to bind in conformance with good workmanship, sound trade practices, satisfactory materials and consistency throughout the job. These requirements apply to all quality attributes. In no case shall any binding process destroy any printed image.

Please direct any comments, proposed revisions or requests for further copies of this publication to:

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2. Guide to the Categories

Category Synonyms Typical of Category
PRESTIGE TOP QUALITY Deluxe bound books
Professional journals
Advertising literature
Technical reports with illustrations
Catalogues (1 to 4 colours)
Departmental annual reports
Press releases
OFFICE STATIONERY GRADE Departmental stationery
Internal publications
Management reports
Phone directories

This publication is an extension of Quality Levels for Printing and should be used in conjunction with the aforementioned.