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List of innovations available for additional sales

The following list displays innovations that are currently available for additional sales.


Innovations eligible for additional sales—Standard component

Organization Innovation Description City, Province Priority Area Call Expiration date
9420410 Canada Inc. (Operating as Sensequake) 3D-SAM The first sensing-based algorithm and software to deliver reliable health-monitoring and seismic assessment of structures. Montréal, Quebec Safety and security 006 2019-05-10
Aerial Tool Corporation Robotic Tree Pruner and Tree Remover Mobile, remotely controlled, robotic arm designed to replace the aerial work platform for tree maintenance. Norval, Ontario Environment 006 2019-07-26
A.U.G. Signals Ltd. Sentinel – Radar-based Intruder Detection and Classification System Military grade scanning radar-based safety/security system for intruder monitoring, traffic monitoring and wildlife-vehicle collision avoidance. Toronto, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2018-10-06
Agartee Technology Inc Agartee SleepRite COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Flare-up Reporting System SleepRite reduces hospital readmissions by remotely monitoring outpatient activity and compliance. Vancouver, British Columbia Enabling technologies 006 2019-06-13
Amika Mobile Corporation Amika® Analytics Commander & Mapper for IoT Security Save Lives, provide fully scalable, robust, AI-based Analytics Commander & Mapper for Internet of Things(IoT). Kanata, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2018-12-13
Audace Technologies Inc Greencube Groupe hybride d'énergies renouvelables multi-sources. Innovative off-grid mini solar-wind electric power plant, as an alternative to conventional diesel generators. Rimouski, Quebec Environment 006 2019-02-20
Cellula Robotics Ltd. Cetor3000 Subsea device to autonomously collect and preserve 150 independently sealed samples of plankton/suspended sediments/particulates. Burnaby, British Columbia Enabling technologies 006 2019-05-05
COFOVO Energy Inc. SolarSIM-G1 The Solar Spectral Irradiance Meter (SolarSIM-G1) measures the sun's spectrum, aerosols, water vapour and ozone. Ottawa, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2018-08-24
Cytognomix Inc. Automated Dicentric Chromosome Identifier and Radiation Dose Estimator Fully automated software solution for determining biological dose of radiation exposure London, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2018-11-29
Envenio Inc. EXN/Aero Para-Real Using innovative methods of parallel computing to quickly solve the most challenging engineering problems. Fredericton, New Brunswick Enabling technologies 006 2019-07-18
Eve Medical Inc. HerSwab Self-collection device for women to obtain vaginal samples for HPV and STI testing Toronto, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2019-05-05
Forrest Green RMC Indigenous Credit Portal A web portal supporting credit management and economic development for Indigenous bands, businesses, and individuals. Richmond Hill, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2019-04-03
Golden Environmental Mat Services Inc. SmartMat™ An IOT Solution for Management of Construction Assets SmartMat™ provides transparent project data on GPS locations and matting installations. Calgary, Alberta Enabling technologies 006 2018-10-06
Huys Industries Limited Electric Spark Deposition (ESD) Machines Machines that can additively weld metals, cermets and composites without a heat affected zone Weston, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2019-05-24
inBay Technologies Inc. Multi-FactorPlus Authentication for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) The innovation provides multi-factor-plus authentication for trusted, secure remote access to corporate intranets from anywhere. Kanata, Ontario Safety and security 006 2019-02-06
Industrial Plankton Inc. 2500L Light Spike Photobioreactor High surface area photobioreactor for automated algae production Victoria, British Columbia Enabling technologies 006 2018-09-30
Intelirain Inc. High Efficiency Sprinkler System Intelirain's high efficiency sprinkler system optimizes the way you water through inteligent control and design Calgary, Alberta Environment 006 2019-04-07
Kryotek Arctic Innovation Incorporated Permafrost Thaw Detector A device and communications system that measures and transmits the frozen/thawed state of permafrost. Whitehorse, Yukon Enabling technologies 006 2019-05-05
Lightship Works Inc. Lightship Worksite Management Platform Lightship simplifies worksite management. Visualize, protect and manage your team and assets from one interface. Kamloops, British Columbia Enabling technologies 006 2019-01-05
Nanozen Inc. Smart ventilation controller A real-time aerosol sensor that enables energy saving from detecting respirable particle levels. Vancouver, British Columbia Health 006 2019-05-03
Nexalogy Environics NexaIntelligence Investigative and Intelligence tool to identify hidden signals and patterns through multilingual big data analysis. Montréal, Quebec Safety and security 006 2019-02-01
Novarc Technologies Inc. Spool Welding Robot (SWR) SWR is a collaborative welding robot designed for pipe spool fabrication. North Vancouver, British Columbia Enabling technologies 006 2018-11-04
Notus Electronics Ltd. Dredgemaster The world's first hydro-acoutstic system for monitoring scallop dredges. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador Enabling technologies 006 2018-04-19
Protec-Style Manteau flottant pour froid extrême Super-absorbent floating booms for hydrocarbons made of milkweed fibres, a plant indigenous to Canada Granby, Quebec Enabling technologies 006 2018-07-05
RaySecur Inc. MailSecur Desktop Station Live See-through Non-intrusive 360° Mail Screening device for Suspicious Powders/liquids Sherbrooke, Quebec Enabling technologies 006 2019-03-24
Resolution Optics Inc. Submersible imaging fluorescence microscope The submersible fluorescence microscope will detect specific harmful algae species at very low concentrations. Halifax, Nova Scotia Enabling technologies 006 2019-06-28
Rheolution Inc. ElastoSens Measurement instrument for non-destructive and contactless mechanical monitoring of soft food formation and liquid-to-solid transitions Montréal, Quebec Enabling technologies 006 2018-08-23
Seamatica Aerospace Limited GuardianEye Mobile centre for safe beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations and counter-UAS measures St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador Enabling technologies 006 2019-04-18
Spartan Bioscience Inc. Spartan Legionella Detection System: Fast and portable DNA test for Legionella Fast, portable, sample-to-result qPCR-based testing for Legionella in water samples Ottawa, Ontario Health 006 2019-07-25
Team Eagle Aircraft Runway Braking Availability Tester (BAT) technology A vehicle mounted aircraft anti-skid braking system used to assess/report actual aircraft runway braking performance. Campbellford, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2018-07-14
Total Pave Inc. Pavement Condition Data Collection System Collect standard pavement condition data (PCI and IRI) using smartphone technology.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Enabling technologies 006 2019-08-11
Underdogs Power Corporation Workland ATS Computer system using artificial intelligence to facilitate and accelerate the recruitment and pre-qualification of candidates. Montréal, Quebec Enabling technologies 006 2019-04-13
Valency Inc. Carve for PDRI Carve for PDRI supports improving scope definition and capital project performance across an organization. Waterloo, Ontario Enabling technologies 006 2018-08-17
Virtual Marine Technology Inc Embedded Ice Management Simulator Real-time Simulation of Ice Operations Embedded in Operational Equipment St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Enabling technologies 006 2019-07-26
Xeos Technologies Inc OSKER Miniaturized, lightweight, air-deployable surface drifter able to report location globally via satellite Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Environment 006 2019-03-24

Innovations eligible for additional sales—Military component

Organization Innovation Description City, Province Priority Area Call Expiration date
2G Robotics Inc. ULS-500 PRO + Stills An underwater scanner that dynamically captures 3D laser and stills-image data of submerged assets Waterloo, Ontario Arctic and maritime security 006 2019-06-01
Bionic Power Inc. Knee Based Energy Harvester A knee based energy harvester that captures power from the human stride. Vancouver, British Columbia Protecting the soldier 006 2019-08-10
GasTOPS Ltd. ChipCHECK First ever frontline deployable metal debris analyzer used for instantaneous failure prediction of critical equipment Ottawa, Ontario In-service support 006 2019-06-02
Marine Industrial Lighting Systems Ltd. Naval LED Lighting Solutions for Combat Vessels Innovative LED based marine lights to meet military naval requirements Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador In-service support 006 2019-03-17
SubC Control Ltd. Ultra High Definition Deepsea Inspection Suite 4K UHD Video and Digital Stills inspection solution for deep sea and harsh environments Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador Arctic and maritime security 006 2018-12-22
Ultra Electronics TCS Resilient LTE Mesh Extended Tactical Radio Enables LTE tactical deployment by significantly improving LTE network SWaP, robustness, range and jamming resilience Montréal, Quebec Command and support 006 2019-05-24
GlobVision Inc. SSAVision "Web-centric" information service providing Space Situational Awareness to spacecraft operators for protection of space assets. Saint-Laurent, Quebec Command and support 006 2018-05-31
AirBoss Engineered Products Low Burden Mask (LBM) The CBRN AirBoss Protective Low Burden Mask (LBM) Acton Vale, Quebec Protecting the soldier 006 2018-07-13
Interconn Development Ltd. ATASD Advanced amphibious transformer vehicle for Military and Search & Rescue applications in the Canadian Arctic. Markham, Ontario Arctic and maritime security 006 2018-08-22
Ontario Drive & Gear Limited Argo Atlas J8 Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) J8 is the first purpose-designed, fully amphibious, all-electric, extreme-terrain UGV. New Hamburg, Ontario Protecting the soldier 006 2018-09-27
GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc. Towed Reelable Active-Passive Sonar (TRAPS) Compact, reelable low-cost active-passive ASW sonar for small combatants and multi-role vessels. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Arctic and maritime security 006 2018-10-14
Thordon Bearings Inc. SeaThigor Marine Sterntube Forward Seal SeaThigor is an innovative mechanical face Marine Sterntube Forward Seal, part of Thordon’s COMPAC System. Burlington, Ontario Arctic and maritime security 006 2018-11-24

Summary of additional sales

Additional sales is a procurement tool that allows testing departments to buy extra units of an innovation beyond the quantity purchased under the initial Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) contract. It also allows departments to test innovations who have previously been tested by other groups.

The benefits of additional sales

Testing departments benefit from additional sales because they are given the opportunity to:

How additional sales work

The process of purchasing additional sales includes a series of guidelines outlined below.

Eligible testing departments

The same federal government department under the original BCIP contract can request additional sales from the innovation.

Other federal government departments who did not participate in the initial BCIP contract can also request additional sales from an eligible innovation.

More than one federal government departments can request additional sales of an innovation.

Testing departments (or agencies) must be listed in the Financial Administration Act Schedules I, I.1 & II to be eligible to request additional sales.


For innovations from Call For Proposals 4-6, the contracting authority will determine the acceptable number of additional sales contracts per testing department.

Innovations from Call For Proposals 7 can each have up to three additional sales contracts.

Funding and contracting

Contracts for additional sales to further test an innovation are funded by the testing department.

Contracting is performed by the Science Procurement Directorate (SPD) of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

Duration of additional sales contracts

The contract duration will be determined on a case by case basis depending on various circumstances, such as the time required to conduct test plans, seasonal requirements, manufacturing lead time, testing department resource availability, and security requirements.

In general, the contract period for additional sales will not exceed 12 months.

For software applications, including licenses, and maintenance and support, the maximum period will be 12 months.

Contract terms and conditions

Contracts for additional sales will be negotiated under the same terms, conditions and pricing structure as the initial BCIP contract

Process and resources for additional sales

Suppliers can promote this opportunity among eligible federal departments. Testing Departments interested in additional sales are responsible for:

Once the documents are completed, please email them to with the subject line “Space, Innovation, and Informatics Projects Directorate (Innovative Research Solutions Division).”

Questions about additional sales

Please email enquiries to: with “Additional Sales Enquiry” in the subject line.

Providing feedback to suppliers after testing is completed

Refer to the responsibilities of a testing department for information on how to provide feedback.

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