Portable ballistic protection

Find details on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s challenge.

Note: This challenge is now expired. We will have new challenges posted soon. Contact us for more information.

Challenge name:
Portable Ballistic Panels
Priority area:
Military component
Maximum contract value:
Challenge sponsor:
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer sitting on a horse in front of a crown of people.

Key features

The RCMP deploys portable ballistic panels to protect internationally protected persons and public officials during events where ballistic threats have been identified. The ever-evolving threat environment requires a more portable solution. The purpose of this challenge is to evaluate lightweight ballistic panels that can be easily deployed to serve as a barrier at events when required.

Innovators interested in submitting a proposal for this challenge must:

  1. Read the Build in Canada Innovation Program’s challenge call for proposals document
  2. Read the requirements for Portable Ballistic Panels EN578-DB1704
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