Departmental innovation challenges

Are you an innovator? Do you have an innovation that can help solve government challenges? Consider this list of current departmental challenges.

Note: These challenges are now expired. We will have new challenges coming soon. Contact us for more information about upcoming challenges.

Two armoured vehicles travelling down a rural dirt road. Advanced vehicle protection

Propose solutions for enhancing Canada’s armoured vehicles.

The driver side door of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police sedan. Armoured door protection

Help us keep our members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police safe.

A soldier wearing protective camouflaged equipment. Soldier ballistic protection

Submit innovations for lighter and more durable armour.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer sitting on a horse in front of a crown of people. Portable ballistic protection

Propose solutions that will help protect police officers and the people they protect.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police shoulder badge with a crest. Retrofitting Canadian building armour

Help the Royal Canadian Mounted Police protect their buildings.

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