Selling your innovation

Do you have an innovative product or service to sell? Is your federal department looking for new technologies and solutions? Find out how the Build in Canada Innovation Program can help.

Information for innovators

Understanding the Build in Canada Innovation Program

The Build in Canada Innovation Program helps companies bring their innovative products and services to market.

Program eligibility

To be pre-qualified to sell your innovation to the government, your company and innovation must meet specific requirements.

Submitting a proposal

To be pre-qualified, your proposal must demonstrate your innovation meets all program requirements.

Helpful tips for innovators

Helpful tips to help you improve the likelihood of receiving a testing contract.

Priority areas

The Build in Canada Innovation Program accepts proposals under a Standard Component and a Military Component.

Program definitions

Definition list of commonly used terms that may be found in the program procurement documents.

Information for testers

Becoming a testing department

Learn how your department can test, assess and keep pre-qualified innovations.

Benefiting from the program

Departments benefit from participating in the program.

Pre-qualified innovations currently available

Find a listing of pre-qualified innovations that are currently available for testing.

Contact the program

Email questions to learn more about submitting a proposal, pre-qualified innovations and the program.

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