Why departments participate in the Build in Canada Innovation Program

How departments benefit from participating in the Build in Canada Innovation Program

By participating, departments can:

The Build in Canada Innovation Program covers almost all costs

As a testing partner, your department receives the innovation and associated supplier provided testing support services for free (it is paid for by the program). All the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) asks is that you donate your time, equipment, facilities and other departmental resources as in-kind contributions to support the testing project.

What the Build in Canada Innovation Program pays for

The BCIP covers the following costs to a maximum of $500,000 for standard component innovations and $1 million for military component innovations:

The Public Services and Procurement Canada Acquisitions Branch covers certain other costs that are not limited by the financial conditions above. They are:

The BCIP handles the contracting process for the innovations. Testing departments do not need to engage their own procurement personnel.

What is not covered

Travel and living expenses for government personnel are not covered by the program. Government departments are expected to contribute staff time as well as use of facilities and equipment as in-kind contributions.

Testing departments keep the innovation

In most cases, the innovation remains the property of the department after testing. Any requirements for an innovation that fall outside the scope of the BCIP, such as additional purchases or license renewals, must be handled by the testing department.

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