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November 20th, 2007

Record of Decisions

Government Office Furniture Advisory Committee Meeting (GOFAC)
Record of Decisions
November 20th, 2007
11A1, Room 101
Gatineau, Québec

In Attendance

  • Bruce Maynard, Chairperson
  • Eli Gilbert – Canadian Atlas Furniture
  • Jean Barbeau – Artopex-Plus Inc.
  • Greg Rapier – Knoll Inc.
  • Gary Fawcett – Fawcett Files & Storage Systems
  • David Swire – Teknion Furniture Systems
  • André Clément – Asokan
  • Howard Dudley – Industry Canada
  • Claudette Gauthier-Gorley – Canadian Heritage
  • Céline Bédard – PWGSC
  • Raymond Paquette – PWGSC
  • Joy Sellers – PWGSC


Item 1 - Approval of Record of Decisions

The Record of Decisions dated 6th of November were reviewed and approved as submitted.

Item 2 - RFSO for Metal Filing and Storage Cabinets

Members were informed that the RFSO for cabinets was posted to MERX, having a closing date of January 4th, 2008. It was also reiterated that a Technical Evaluation Criteria Checklist would be provided with the Solicitation Document and, in order to minimize the risk, that a five-day allowance had been incorporated in the document for missing documentation.

Item 3 - Suspension of GOFAC Meetings

It was advised by PWGSC legal advisors that continuance of GOFAC meetings during a Solicitation period could bring the integrity of the progress into question. Therefore it was advised and decided upon that the GOFAC meetings would be suspended for the duration of the Solicitation process for Metal Filing and Storage Cabinets; resuming after the closing date of January 4th, 2008. The possibility of communicating by e-mail or a bidders' conference, in person or by web cast might be an option.

It was suggested that PWGSC post the "suspension of GOFAC Meetings" information onto the Acquisitions Website for all to be informed.

Item 4 - Aboriginal – Regional Master Standing Offers

It was explained that an Aboriginal Firm could potentially receive a National Master Standing Offer if they can provide service to all 6 identified Regions. Regional Standing Offers would also be given to Aboriginal Firms for only regions they can provide service to. GOCM has a feature, which permits the client to choose their particular region, and all approved Standing Offer Holders' information (including Aboriginal) would be

Item 5 - Free Standing Commodity

It was advised that the final purchase descriptions, basket of goods and environmental information would be forwarded to members at a later date for their review.

RFSO for freestanding will have a longer bidding period than 40 days which would allow bidders sufficient time to address all requirements.

Item 6 - GOCM

Members expressed concerns that GOCM needs to be configured to handle "sole source" requirements, and install base situations for other commodities. PWGSC advised that no buying vehicle has been established for any other commodity except Metal Filing and Storage Cabinets, which are based solely on price. The Committee was challenged to submit what they felt were the appropriate decisions making properties for other commodities such as price, service, delivery dates, etc.

Item 7 - Limitations for new RFSO's

Committee discussed raising the dollar amount limitations to incorporate higher thresholds for competitive requirements. If a client could purchase more than 25,000 before going competitive, not only could the administration time be decreased, but also the associated costs for both clients and Standing Offer Holders could be decreased as more goods could be provided in one "transaction". Because a limit of $25,000 enables clients to purchase only about 4 – 5 units when utilizing height adjustable Free Standing, Desking or Panel Systems, the committee felt the call-up limit should be raised to $150,000 for these three commodities.

In addition the Committee felt that the aspect of Services, which can make up the largest part of the dollar values, be treated as separate from the goods. Clients would like to save confusion and only issue one contract for a project but with limitations of dollar amounts are possibly issuing three; dismantling of existing, purchase of new products and the installation of new products.

Committee members to provide dollar amount figures that they would like to be utilized at the next meeting.

Item 8 - Desking Systems

Members felt that keeping layouts instead of component listings for the new Desking RFSO would be more appropriate. PWGSC to present 4 – 5 typical layouts at next meeting; in keeping with the Fit-Up Standards and most popular bought items. These layouts would also be utilized to evaluate the median for potential Standing Offer Holders. Because of the nature that layouts might not be exactly as shown from what would actually fit on the floorplan, a 5% increase might be granted to the Suppliers when they quote their final price for the job. This is still up for discussion and will be revisited in future GOFAC meetings concerning Desking Systems.

Item 9 - Next Meeting

The next meeting will be scheduled for after the closing of the Cabinet RFSO, scheduled to close January 4th, 2008. Members will be informed.