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NSPS Nova Scotia Government Delegation Briefing

May 30, 2011


  • To provide a brief background of the NSPS
  • Provide an overview of the NSPS Governance Structure
  • To provide an outline NSPS Large Ship Procurement Process

NSPS Background

Why a new Strategy?

  • Navy and Coast Guard fleets require renewal
  • Government and other studies determined that individual procurements would not sustain the shipbuilding industry
  • To end the boom and bust in federal shipbuilding
  • All of our allies have an "NSPS " in some form
  • Need to maximize limited budgets for fleet renewal – value for money for taxpayers
  • Requested and supported by industry and associations

National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy

Establish a strategic relationship with two Canadian shipyards and designate them as source of supply to build Government ships over 1000 tonnes displacement, where:

  1. One shipyard will build the combat vessels package
    • Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship, Canadian Surface Combatant
  2. The other will build the non-combat vessels package
    • Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel, Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel, Polar Icebreaker, Joint Support Ship

Set-aside smaller vessels for competition by other than the two selected yards and their affiliates

Repair, maintenance and refit – Business as usual

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Enhanced Measures

Unprecedented lengths to ensure the fairness, openness and transparency of this historic procurement process

  • Regular meetings with the shipyards to develop procurement approach and Request For Proposal documents
  • An internationally recognized third party expert (FMI) has benchmarked the capability and performance of the yards
  • A leading consulting firm (KPMG) assisted in development of the procurement process
  • Fairness Monitor involved to provide independent assurance that activities are conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner
    • interim report at RFP release: "… decisions are made objectively, free from personal favouritism and political influence, and encompasses the elements of openness, competitiveness, transparency and compliance."
  • Robust governance, empowered decision making, dispute avoidance and resolution

NSPS Governance Structure

DM-Level Governance Committee

plus ex officio membership

ADM-Level Interdepartmental Steering Committee

plus ex officio membership

NSPS Interdepartmental Working Group

plus ex officio membership

NSPS Secretariat

PWGSC (Lead), DND representatives, DFO/CCG representative, IC representative, PWGSC representatives & other resources

Dispute Avoidance & Resolution

  • Ongoing engagement and dialogue
  • Governance structure used as dispute resolution ladder
  • Designed to eliminate requirement to engage lobbyists
  • Goal to minimize potential legal disputes

Overview - Procurement Process

A National Competition to select 2 Canadian Shipyards:

  • Issue a Solicitation of Interest and Qualification (SOIQ) to all Canadian shipyards to establish a short list of potential shipyards for the competitive RFP (Sept 2010)
  • Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to the short-listed shipyards (Feb 2011)
  • Evaluate Proposals and select 2 shipyards (Summer 2011)
  • Finalize an Umbrella Agreement (UA) with each selected shipyard (Fall-Winter 2011)
  • Negotiate Contracts for the individual projects

Solicitation of Interest and Qualification (SOIQ)

The map identifies the 5 Canadian shipyards selected through the SOIQ process

A larger image of Solicitation of Interest and Qualification (SOIQ) is available on a separate page.

  • A SOIQ was issued to all Canadian shipyards to establish Short-Listed Respondents (SLR) for the competitive RFP process
  • The SOIQ used criteria that were simple and concise while comprehensive, fair and open
  • 5 SLRs were established from the SOIQ

Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFP documents developed in consultation with Shipyards

One RFP has been released:

  • Shipyards may submit proposals for one or both work package(s); and
  • A shipyard may only win one work package, not both

Shipyard selection will be based on best value to Canada

Proposal Evaluation

The final selection of the successful yards will be done within the established governance process approved by Cabinet and in accordance with the published terms of the RFP

  1. Mandatory (Pass/Fail)
    1a. Administrative
    1b. Legal
    1c. Financial
  2. Shipyard's Current State and Plans (60%)
    2a. Current State
    2b. Plans
  3. Cost to Canada for Upgrades and Improvements (20%)
  4. Shipyard's Financial Situation (10%)
    4a. Financial Capability
    4b. Source of funding for Improvements
  5. Value Proposition (10%)

Shipyards' Proposals

  • Must address how the shipyard intends to address any capability gaps identified by our 3rd Party Expert (First Marine International)
    • Infrastructure and process improvements
    • Cost to Canada
  • Lay out the commitments that contribute to the health of the marine sector over the long term, if selected, such as:
    • Sustain a knowledge-based economy (partnership with provinces and other enterprises in the marine sector)
    • Invest in skills and human resources (skill set development)
    • Long-term supply chain development (out-sourcing and sub-contracting to other shipyards and SMEs)
    • Increased commercial work (job creation)

Umbrella Agreements (UA) & Shipbuilding Contracts

  • UAs will be negotiated with the 2 selected shipyards to establish the framework by which Bidders' productivity improvement and value proposition commitments will be measured and monitored over the duration of the Strategy
  • Ensuing contracts for shipbuilding projects will be:
    • Negotiated in accordance with the rules established in the UAs;
    • Subject to separate Government approval; and
    • Used by the selected shipyards to deliver the productivity improvement and value proposition commitments detailed in the UAs

Overall Schedule for NSPS Process

Slide 14 describes the overall NSPS schedule. It highlights what has been completed to date and the milestones that still have to be met.

A larger image of the overall NSPS schedule is available on a separate page.

Milestone Planned Completion Date
Hire 3rd party Experts (TAS, FMI, FM) X
Complete pre-qualification & issue results X
Issue Request for Proposals to pre-qualified Shipyards X
Select 2 Shipyards Summer 2011
Complete the Negotiation of the Umbrella Agreements Fall 2011
Initiate Contract Negotiations for Initial Projects (Science Vessels, AOPS) Fall 2011 / Winter 2012