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B: Resulting Contract Clauses

The following clauses and conditions apply to and form part of any contract resulting from a call-up against the THS Standing Offer.

1. Requirement

The Contractor must perform that Work described in the call-up against the Standing Offer.

2. Standard Clauses and Conditions

2.1 General Conditions

  • 2010B (2016-04-04), General Conditions - Professional Services (Medium Complexity) apply to and form part of the Contract.
  • Section 15 Interest on Overdue Accounts, of 2010B will not apply to payments made by credit cards.

2.2 Supplemental General Conditions

  • A7017C (2008-05-12) Replacement of Specific Individual;
  • B9028C (2007-05-25) Access to Facilities and Equipment, apply to and form part of the Contract.

3. Term of Contract

3.1 Period of Contract

The work must be completed in accordance with the call-up against the Standing Offer.

4. Payment

4.1 Basis of Payment

The Contractor will be paid for Work performed pursuant to each approved Call-up, on accordance with Annex “B” - Basis of Payment. Canada's total liability to the Contractor under the call-up must not exceed the Total Price specified in the call-up.

4.2 Method of Payment

Payment by Canada for the Work will be made following delivery, inspection and acceptance of the Work, and upon presentation of invoices and any other substantiating documentation as Canada requires.

5. Invoicing Instructions

The Contractor must submit invoices in accordance with the section entitled "Invoice Submission" of the 2010B general conditions.

All terms and conditions stated on the Offeror’s timesheets, invoices or other documents shall have no validity or affect for services called up under the Standing Offer. Only the terms and conditions stated herein shall apply.

6. Insurance Requirements

The Contractor must comply with the insurance requirements specified in Annex “F” - Insurance Requirements. The Contractor must maintain the required insurance coverage for the duration of the Contract. Compliance with the insurance requirements does not release the Contractor from or reduce its liability under the Contract.

The Contractor is responsible for deciding if additional insurance coverage is necessary to fulfill its obligation under the Contract and to ensure compliance with any applicable law. Any additional insurance coverage is at the Contractor's expense, and for its own benefit and protection.

The Contractor must forward to the Contracting Authority within ten (10) days after the date of award of the Contract, a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the insurance coverage and confirming that the insurance policy complying with the requirements is in force. Coverage must be placed with an Insurer licensed to carry out business in Canada. The Contractor must, if requested by the Contracting Authority, forward to Canada a certified true copy of all applicable insurance policies.

7. Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Manual Clauses

  • A7017C (2008-05-12) Replacement of Specific Individual
  • B9028C (2007-05-25) Access to Facilities and Equipment
  • A9062C (2011-05-16) Canadian Forces Site Regulations
  • A9068C (2010-01-11) Government Site Regulations
  • C0711C (2008-05-12) Time Verification
  • C0705C (2010-01-11) Discretionary Audit