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5.1 Complaint process

1. Complaints related to Part A and B clauses of the standing offer

The Technical Authority is responsible for resolving complaints related to the contractual clauses in Part A and Part B of the Standing Offer.

The Standing Offers Technical Authority is identified in the Call-up against the Standing Offers.

The Technical Authority represents the department or agency for which the Work in the Call-up against the Standing Offers is to be performed and is responsible for all matters relating to the technical content of the Standing Offers and for the Work indicated in the Call-up, including the Offeror's performance throughout the Standing Offers period. Technical matters may be discussed with the Technical Authority; however, the Technical Authority cannot authorize changes to the Statement of Work.

2. Complaints related to Part A and B clauses of the standing offer

If a learner is unsatisfied with the training, he or she should follow the process below:

  1. First, discuss the situation with the teacher to find a solution.
  2. If the first step does not lead to a satisfactory solution, contact the pedagogical adviser of the training provider and/or the training coordinator within their federal institution.
  3. In the event that the proposed previous steps do not lead to a solution, the learner and/or training coordinator can contact the Technical Autority of the Department.

Disclaimer: The following information is only accessible to federal departments and agencies.