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Correspondence February 2016

Important Reminder Applicable to the NCR only

  1. Standing offers EN578-093429/021/ZF WITH H-KIN
    Do not use the standing offers no. EN578-093429/021/ZF (work stream 3A, part-time group training, in French, at the Offeror’s facilities).
  2. Standing offer EN578-093429/009/ZF with Charpentier
    Do not send new call-ups to École Charpentier (CLIC) (EN578-093429/009/ZF) (work stream 7—full-time individual training) until otherwise advised by PWGSC. Charpentier (CLIC) is at full operational capacity.

Please send new call-ups to École de langues ABCE (standing offers no. EN578-093429/010/ZF).