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Correspondence May 2014

Up-to-date web site language training services

Please read carefully the following information regarding the standing offers series EN578-093429 for language training services in the NCR.

Next sessions

Now that the holiday season has begun, please plan and send your call-ups as quickly as possible. The following are the start dates for the next group training sessions.

  • Work stream 1 – Full-time group training in French at the Offeror’s facilities Short program: July 28, 2014 Long program: June 30, 2014 Pre-SLE: June 9, 2014
  • Work stream 2 – Full-time group training in English at the Offeror’s facilities: September 15, 2014
  • Work streams 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D and 5 – Part-time group training in French and English at the Offeror’s facilities: June 30, 2014

Work stream 4 – Part-time group training in French at the federal institution

We have noticed that some federal institutions are sending their call-ups directly to offerors without going through Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). Remember that for this work stream, you are not authorized to issue a call-up without first sending a request to PWGSC at For this work stream, only PWGSC has the authority to identify the offeror, regardless of the call-up value. In the PWGSC email identifying an offeror further to your request, we will cc the offeror so that the offeror is informed of the work that will be assigned to it.

Requirements valued at $25,000 or less

The clause allowing you to select the offeror of your choice if your call-up is valued at $25,000 or less applies only to work streams 7 to 10, which are for individual training. You cannot use it for work streams 1 to 6, which are for group training.

Changes to call-ups

Every change to a call-up (schedule, training days, leave, etc.) must be approved by the project authority of the identified user (federal institution), i.e. the person identified in the call-up as responsible for coordinating the employee’s training, receiving all deliverables and answering any questions about the employee’s training.

Preparatory course for the Public Service Commission language evaluation

Regarding the Pre-SLE Consolidation Course for group or individual training (the additional course for employees who have already taken full-time training but have not achieved the target levels), you can register employees without updating their language learning plans. The recommended durations for individual training can be found on the following page: Pre-SLE Consolidation in group sessions or in individual training.

. Employees who have not taken full-time training can be registered in full-time individual training without a language learning plan. However, you must first obtain approval from the technical authority by sending an email to

Information in the call-ups

Several call-ups have not been properly completed and are causing a lot of problems for the offerors and the federal institutions. Attached is a correctly completed call-up, which we are providing as a template to help you fill out the form properly. Please make sure that you share this information with the team responsible for issuing your call-ups in order to avoid any inconvenience related to service delivery and invoicing.

Remember that offerors may reject any incorrectly completed call-up, and you could thus lose your priority. Also note that offerors are not allowed to provide language training services without first obtaining a call-up.

Incorrect hourly rates per learner

Please make sure that you use the correct hourly rate per learner, i.e. the hourly rate that applies to the work stream and the offeror for which the call-up is being issued. The List of Offerors and Hourly Rates is updated regularly and is posted on our website: List of Offerors and hourly rates.

Note that this list must not be provided to offerors under any circumstances.

Methods of payment accepted by offerors

Some federal institutions require offerors to accept payment by credit card even though the offerors did not accept this method of payment in their offers (so it was not taken into account in their hourly rate). Remember that you do not have the right to require any other method of payment than the one chosen by the offeror in the offer made in response to the request for standing offer. The methods of payment accepted by each offeror can be found under the offeror’s name in the List of Offerors and Hourly Rates, posted on our website: List of Offerors and hourly rates

Part-time group training offered at the federal institution’s facilities (work streams 4 and 6)

Remember that federal institutions are responsible for providing appropriate training facilities that have features similar to those set out in article 6.2 of Section II, in Annex A – Statement of Work of the standing offer. Therefore, please make sure that the classrooms you provide for your groups comply with the requirements set out in the standing offer.

Federal institutions’ responsibilities

We have been informed that certain federal institutions have been holding interviews for offerors’ teaching resources. Only the CSPS technical authority and the PWGSC standing offer authority are authorized to verify the skills of resources proposed by offerors, as per the provisions of the standing offer. The interviews are not an accepted practice under these standing offers. The offerors have been instructed by PWGSC to decline all interview requests.

Group course loading

Please make sure that you send out your call-ups well enough in advance so that offerors can conduct the course loading activities required under the standing offer. The sooner you send out a call-up, the greater the chances are that your group can be launched. Also note that offerors operate on a first-come-first-served basis, so it is in your interest to send out a call-up as soon as possible and thus ensure that your learner is included in a group and receives the training (this also applies to employees already on training).

Training schedule

Federal institutions cannot make changes to the schedules set out in the Statement of Work of standing offers. Therefore, please make sure that you adhere to these schedules, which can be found on our website: Work streams.

Evaluation for registration in part-time training

For part-time training, federal institutions may use one of the following options to evaluate their employee’s language skills:

Complaints, problems with offerors

Remember that we need to be informed of any problem that you have with an offeror’s performance or any complaint about facilities as soon the situation occurs. We recommend that you copy us on your email exchanges with offerors regarding problematic situations ( and so that we can take the necessary measures to resolve the situation.