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Acceptable Practices

Alternate or Substitute resource

An alternate resource is defined as a resource that is being offered in a proposal from a supplier, who is not the same one that resulted from the original PS Online search. If a bidder offers an alternate resource in the proposal submitted, the alternate resource may be considered provided that:

  • The resource is PS Online registered within the supplier's PS Online portfolio of resources prior to contract award.
  • The per diem rate offered for the alternate resource must be equal to or lower than the per diem rate shown in the PS Online system and be equal to or lower than the per diem rate for original resource specified in the solicitation document.

Note: The Contracting Authority is reminded that all resources offered must be evaluated in accordance with the requirements of the solicitation document.

A substitute resource is defined as a resource that is offered in place of the resource or resources that are specified in the contract. Substitute resources may only be considered if the resource(s):

  • Have similar qualifications as the resource(s) covered in the contract;
  • Meet all mandatory and point rated requirements that were specified in the original solicitation document;
  • Are offered at the same or lower rate than the original resource specified in the contract;
  • Are registered on PS Online system within supplier's portfolio of resources.

Note: The requirement that the resource named in the solicitation document sent to a company be considered first before an alternate resource can be considered is no longer required. For example, previously, if the solicitation document stated that the resource required is John Smith from ABC Company, and ABC Company offers Jane Jones, then Jane Jones could not be considered unless:

  • all other bids submitted, which offered the resource named in the solicitation document, were deemed to be non-responsive; or
  • no other bids were submitted; or
  • all other bids submitted also offered alternate resources (as defined above).

All proposals may now be considered regardless of whether or not the resource named in the original solicitation document sent to a bidder is offered or an alternate one (as described above) is offered. The Department Contracting Authority is reminded that the rules governing the offering of alternate resources (as stated above) apply.

Re-tendering a solicitation

If the decision is made to re-tender the requirement, and substantial changes are made to the Statement of Work, then consideration should be given to conducting a new PS Online search. Should a new PS Online search not be performed, the rationale for not conducting a new search must be documented and placed on the contract file.

Changes made to a solicitation document or Statement of Work or both shall be done so as to NOT restrict competition or favor one potential bidder over another.

Canceling a solicitation

If during the bidding period or at any time prior to contract award, the Contracting Authority decides to cancel a solicitation, the rationale for the cancellation must be documented and placed on the contract file.

Sole Source (non competitive) requirements

If one of the exeptions stated in the Treasury Board Contracting Policy that permits the setting aside the requirement to solicit bids on a competitive basis has been met, the Department Contracting Authority must:

  • Request, in writing, that the supplier submits a written proposal covering the work required. The request must, as a minimum include:
    1. Description of the work required (considered to be the SOW).
    2. Name of the resource requested.
    3. Time period for the work required.
    4. Request that the supplier confirm:
      • How the supplier will address the requirements stated in the SOW.
      • Per diem rate, level of effort (i.e. number of working days required to complete the work), etc.
  • Receive and maintain on file, a copy of the written proposal from the supplier that addresses each of the points above.