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Mandatory Requirements

Suppliers must respond to the following 4 mandatory requirements in order to be considered for PS Online. This can be on the supplier's letterhead.

Canada reserves the right to request proof of any information provided by the Supplier. If the information cannot be validated, the Supplier's request for an account on the Professional Services (PS) Online will be rejected.

  1. Corporate Profile
    The Supplier must provide its full legal name on the Trading Partner Agreement signature page and a corporate résumé of the Firm. This résumé must include, as a minimum, the Firm's primary area(s) of business, number of years in business, key team members, number of employees and any other relevant information. The supplier must also provide a copy of their incorporation or registration certification showing the date and place of incorporation. The suppliers that are not incorporated must provide proof of their enrollment with Canada Revenue Agency (GST/HST registration).
  2. Number of years in business
    The Supplier must have been in business for a minimum of one (1) year. In order to demonstrate this, the Supplier must provide a statement in its offer confirming the number of years its firm has been in business. In the case of the recent amalgamation of two (2) or more firms, each firm must meet the minimum one (1) year requirement.
  3. Human Resource Plan
    The Supplier must describe its approach/plan for ensuring that the necessary resources are available during the TPA period through:

    Incorporated suppliers:

    1. Staff resources
      The Supplier must describe how it plans to deal with resource turnover and maintain knowledge and expertise within its firm. The Supplier must describe:
      1. Its approach, processes and steps to obtain, replace and retain resources; and
      2. The time frame required to replace resources.
    2. Sub-contracting resources
      In the event that the Supplier provides services through subcontracting arrangements, the Supplier must describe how it will address issues of replacement of resources with subcontractors and describe its subcontracting plan, which must address the following:
      1. Its approach, processes and steps to obtain, replace and retain resources;
      2. The time frame required to replace resources;
      3. Risks that the Supplier envisions encountering; and
      4. Actions to be taken to mitigate those risks.

      Sole Proprietorship / Self Employed Suppliers

      Supplier must describe in its proposal the steps he/she will take to replace an individual on contract.

      If the supplier does not demonstrate that it has a systematic and reasonable approach, PWGSC may reject their request for an account on the PS Online.
  4. Supplier's relevant projects
    4.1 The Supplier must have successfully completed at least three (3) relevant professional services projects within the last three (3) years with the federal or provincial governments or private sectors. These projects must demonstrate the supplier's ability to provide professional services. The Supplier MUST identify which categories are demonstrated in their projects.

    Note: Suppliers must provide 3 projects per Professional Service (IT/NON IT) they wish to offer services.

    4.2 The Supplier must provide the following information on each project:
    • Description of the work completed by your firm showing the relevance of the experience;
    • Deliverables of your firm in the context of this work or nature of the undertaking;
    • When the work was carried out (start and end date); and
    • Client Contact who can provide a reference (name and phone number).

Note: A sub-contract project can be considered as a project. The Client Contact would be the firm with whom you sub-contracted.