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ProServices is a mandatory method of supply for professional services valued below the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) threshold. The ProServices streams and categories are the same as those offered via Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) and Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS, task portion only), both of which are mandatory methods of supply for contracts at or above the NAFTA threshold.

For the latest developments regarding ProServices, please visit the ProServices Announcements page! Updated April 11, 2017

Request for Supply Arrangement

The request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) for the ProServices re-competition is anticipated to be posted on the Government Electronic Tendering Services (GETS) (i.e. website by mid-May 2017.

Important Note: All existing suppliers who wish to maintain an active Supply Arrangement must submit a bid in response to the ProServices re-competition.

Supply Arrangement

The links below provide information regarding the use of the ProServices Supply Arrangement.

Centralized Professional Services System ePortal

The Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) is the e-portal for Professional Services and home to the ProServices method of supply.

Contact Information

For contact information please refer to PWGSC’s Contact Acquisitions page.