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Supply Arrangement for Task-Based Professional Services

Part B: Bid Solicitation

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1. Bid Solicitation Documents

Canada will use the High Complexity (HC) bid solicitation template based on the estimated dollar value and complexity of the requirement. The HC template is available in the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions Manual. A model Request For Proposals (RFP) and resulting contract clauses for use for Identified Users is available.

The bid solicitation will contain as a minimum the following:

  1. security requirements;
  2. a complete description of the Work to be performed;
  3. 2003, Standard Instructions - Goods or Services - Competitive Requirements;
  4. bid preparation instructions;
  5. instructions for the submission of bids (address for submission of bids, bid closing date and time);
  6. evaluation procedures and basis of selection;
  7. financial capability (if applicable);
  8. certifications; and
  9. resulting contract clauses.

2. Bid Solicitation Process

2.1 General

Bids will be solicited for specific requirements within the scope of the Supply Arrangement (SA) from Suppliers who have been issued a SA.

A bid solicitation will be posted on the Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS) (or as applicable with a GoC web-based electronic procurement tool) or will be e-mailed directly to supplier, depending on the selection methodology selected by the Client. Both methods of selection require that a notice of proposed procurement (NPP) be published simultaneously on GETS with the issuance of the invitation to suppliers.

Canada may consolidate requirements across Clients and award Contracts on a periodic basis to receive best or better pricing.

2.2 Identification of Contract Authorities

Provided a Client has the legal authority to contract, it may choose to award contracts under this SA in accordance with the Tier 1 or Tier 2 Requirement Limitations described below. All contracts for Clients without authority to contract under Tier 1 or Tier 2 will be managed by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

Tier 1: Requirements starting at the NAFTA threshold up to an including $2M: client or PWGSC

Tier 2: Requirements greater than $2M: PWGSC

2.3 Tier 1 Requirement Limitations

Clients may award contracts to Suppliers qualified in the applicable Stream(s) in accordance with the following:

Note: clients must use ProServices for requirements valued below the NAFTA threshold (applicable taxes included)

i. Requirement Valued At or Above NAFTA Threshold (applicable taxes included)

Clients may issue a contract to a Supplier satisfying the requirement particulars as set out in the bid solicitation in accordance with the following (a minimum of fifteen Suppliers must be invited via e-mail to submit a bid):

  1. selecting by name ten Suppliers from the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) Client Module, with the additional five randomly selected by the CPSS Client Module, or
  2. selecting more than ten Suppliers from the Client Module, in which case five additional Suppliers will be randomly selected by the CPSS Client Module, or
  3. selecting less than ten Suppliers from the Client Module, in which case the CPSS Client Module will randomly select a number of Suppliers that, in addition to the Suppliers selected by the Client, will total fifteen, or
  4. if the number of Suppliers that meet the requirement is less than fifteen, all Suppliers will be automatically selected by the CPSS Client Module, and
  5. The client will publish a Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP) (75.15. Notice of Proposed Procurement) on GETS in which the client identifies those invited  Suppliers as per (a) through (d) above; a
ii. No Limit to Invitation Process

There is no limit to the maximum number of Suppliers that may be invited to submit a bid under Tier 1; however, except in the circumstances of 2.5 below, Suppliers may not submit a bid in response to a solicitation unless they have been invited to do so. However, should an uninvited SA Holder wish to be invited, it may contact the Contracting Authority to request an invitation at any time prior to five calendar days before the published bid closing date, and an invitation will be made to that SA Holder unless it would not be consistent with the efficient operation of the procurement process. In no circumstance will such an invitation require Canada to extend a bid closing date. Where additional invitations are made during the solicitation process, they may not be reflected in a bid solicitation amendment.

iii. Minimum Period to submit proposal

Each Tier 1 bid solicitation issued will provide Suppliers with fifteen   calendar days to submit their proposal, which   may be extended based upon a requirement's complexity.

PWGSC reserves the right to decrease the minimum arangement period for specific requirements.

2.4 Tier 2 Requirements

Tier 2 requirements will be managed in accordance with the following:

  1. Tier 2 Invitation of Suppliers: Canada will invite through GETS all qualified Tier 2 Suppliers to submit a bid in response to a bid solicitation.
  2. Minimum Period to Submit Proposal: Each Tier 2 bid solicitation will provide qualified Suppliers with minimum twenty calendar days to submit their bid, which may be extended based on a requirement's complexity.
  3. Category Not Offered Under Tier 1: For Tier 1 requirements where no SA for a specific Category and where a Tier 2 SA exists for that Category and Level, PWGSC may act as the Contracting Authority and invite qualified Tier 2

Suppliers to submit a bid in accordance with the processes stated in the Tier 1 requirement.

PWGSC reserves the right to decrease the minimum bidding period for specific requirements.

2.5 All Invited to Bid

For a requirement in Tier 1, all Suppliers qualified in each relevant Stream, Region and Metropolitan Area will be invited by e-mail or GETS to bid where any supplier has been provided with a request for information in respect of services that in whole or in part appear in the requirement to be solicited under this SA.

2.6 Disclosing of incumbent information

By submitting a bid, the Supplier agrees that during a solicitation under this SA, if the Supplier has performed services for Canada under any current or past TSPS instrument, Canada may disclose such fact (including the previous contract value and date of issuance) during any such solicitation for replacement or follow-on services.

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