Quarterly usage report instructions


The Government of Canada (GoC) requires that Suppliers provide Usage Reports to the Supply Arrangement (SA) and Standing Offer (SO) Authority on a quarterly basis.

Suppliers will be sent, via email, the most recent Quarterly Usage Report template prior to the end of each reporting period.

Response due date

Completion of the report is MANDATORY and you are required to return it by the due date indicated below.

Table summary

The following table describes the dates that each quarter is to cover as well as their respective due dates.

Quarter Period to be covered Due on or before
1 April 1 to June 30 July 15
2 July 1 to September 30 October 15
3 October 1 to December 31 January 15
4 January 1 to March 31 April 15

Please ensure that you modify the security settings in Excel to allow enabling of the macros. This will allow you to use the complete functionality of this utilization report template.

Information to be reported

For each Standing Offer or Supply Arrangement or both that the Supplier has been issued, the Supplier must report:

  1. Total amount (including taxes) of all call-ups/contracts issued during the period in question (not what was invoiced in the specific quarter)
  2. All positive value amendments to call-ups/contracts issued during the period regardless of when the original call-up/contract was issued. Suppliers are not to report zero value or negative value amendments. Contracts that are extended in time only without increasing the value of the contracts should not be reported
  3. For call-ups/contracts that have an "as and when requested" component (for example: contracts with Task Authorizations), Suppliers shall report only the original value of the call-up/contract. Amendments issued to the call-up/contract related to the "as and when requested" component (for example: contracts with Task Authorizations) shall not be reported.

Completing the report

  1. Suppliers must submit a complete utilization report using the most recent utilization report template. Utilization reports submitted that are based on previous versions of the utilization report template will be returned to the Supplier for re-submission using the most recent utilization report template
  2. Suppliers using Excel 2003 version or older must download compatibility software from Microsoft to open the utilization report template. The free software is available at Download Center
  3. Suppliers must complete all applicable portions of the utilization report template. Failure to complete the sheets titled "II. Organization Profile", "III. SO—Information Sheet" (if applicable) and "IV. SA—Information Sheet" (if applicable) will result in the utilization report submitted being returned to the Supplier for correction
  4. Some fields in the utilization report template have pull down lists. Suppliers must select from the pull down lists provided
  5. Submission of facsimiles or emails providing utilization report information in lieu of a completed utilization report template is not acceptable and will be returned to the Supplier for correction
  6. When completing sheets titled "SO—Information Sheet: and SA—Information Sheet", Suppliers must enter only utilization information that pertains to the period being reported. Utilization reports that contain information from periods other than the one required will be returned to the Supplier for correction
  7. Utilization reports that contain values that are not in Canadian (Cdn) dollars or do not include all applicable taxes will be returned to the Supplier for correction
  8. For a specific Standing Offer or Supply Arrangement, if no call-ups or contracts were awarded to a Supplier or if no amendments to call-ups/contracts were issued during the period in question the Supplier should send an email to confirm that there was no activity during the period in question by indicating NIL and their Legal Name in the Subject line of the email, in lieu of submitting a completed utilization report.

    Note: Refer to Supplier Utilization Report Template Quick Reference Guide that provides instructions on how to complete the utilization report template.


All monetary values must be stated in Canadian dollars (CDN) and must include all applicable taxes.

Changing the format

Suppliers must not modify the format of this report. Should you have any suggestions about the format, please forward them by e-mail to:

Returning the completed report

Please e-mail the completed report to:


GoC will keep your company's response confidential.


Should you need further clarification, please forward your questions by e-mail to the following address (do not forget to include your name and phone number):

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