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Learning Services

Important Notice: October 12, 2012

The "On-going Opportunity to Qualify" for the Learning Services Supply Arrangement is currently available on MERX. Solicitation number E60ZH-070003/D).

Important Notice: August 20, 2012

The "New" Learning Services Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement (SOSA) have been issued as a result of Solicitation number E60ZH-070003/C.

The Learning Services SOSA now includes the following Streams:

Stream 1 – Strategic Learning Advisory Services (new)
Stream 2 – Instructional Design and Development Services (updated)
Stream 3 – Custom eLearning Product Programming Services
Stream 4 – Rapid eLearning Product Programming Services (new)
Stream 5 – Quality Assurance
Stream 6 – Multi-Media Design and Development Services (updated)
Stream 7 – Project Management
Stream 8 – Training Delivery (new)


The Learning Services method of supply (including both a Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement) is a government-wide procurement vehicle designed to provide access to pre-qualified Suppliers who can:

  • create, update or convert government owned training courses including training material for:
  • Deliver government owned training

Table Of Contents

  1. Federal Department Login
  2. Supplier Login
  3. Standing Offer (SO)
  4. Supply Arrangement (SA)
  5. Categories
  6. Determination of when to use the SO vs the SA
  7. Contact Information
  8. Templates for CPSS Methods of Supply
  9. Enrolment For Federal Departments
  10. Federal Department Authorized Users
  11. Common Security Requirements Checklists (SRCLs)
  12. Standing Offer Travel & Living Information
  13. Supply Arrangement Travel & Living Information
  14. Contracting with Former Public Servants under a Standing Offer or a Supply Arrangement
  15. Quarterly Usage Reports Instructions