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Refresh of the Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) - Addition of Real Property Project Management Services Class

August 2011

Federal Government Portfolio

  • One of the largest and most diverse real estate portfolios in the country:
    • 40,000,000 hectares of land,
    • 23,000 owned and leased properties,
    • 37,000 buildings,
    • 25,000,000 square metres of floor space.
  • Portfolio includes: offices, laboratories, military bases, embassies, prisons, remote housing, national parks, border crossings, bridges, dams, navigational aids …

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

  • "Common Service Provider": Provides federal government organizations with the office space they need to carry out their programs.
  • Specialized space is the responsibility of each department or agency.
  • Provides real property services (e.g., design, property management, leasing) to other departments and agencies.
  • Carries out space procurement in an open, fair and transparent manner that achieves best value for Canadian taxpayers.
  • Enforces federal standards for such things as accessibility and environmental sustainability.

What is Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS)?

TSPS is a new tool for the procurement of task and solutions based professional services.

Three (3) methods of supply:

  • Task Based Standing Offers (SO);
  • Task Based Supply Arrangements (SA); and,
  • *Solution Based Supply Arrangements (SA).

TSPS was launched on July 1st, 2010. It currently includes three professional service classes:

  • Human resources services;
  • Business services/change management services; and,
  • Project management services.

Why does the Government want TSPS?

  • Fair, open and transparent procurement.
  • National breadth.
  • Allows the federal government to out-task programs of work.
  • Convenient access to a large pool of qualified consultants.
  • Integrate business-type services (e.g., feasibility studies) with project management.
  • May be used directly by federal government departments and agencies.
  • Flexible: a variable work volume can be accommodated on an "as required" basis.

Addition of Real Property Project Management Services Class

  • New Class added: the Real Property Project Management Services.
  • This new class of services will provide the federal government with a convenient means of contracting with private-sector companies for a wide variety of project management services pertaining to real property.
  • A pre-qualified list of real estate-related companies that the federal government can draw upon to submit proposals for work.
  • Termed "project management" but it will deal with most aspects of the real estate development life-cycle from portfolio planning to project inception, approvals and project delivery.
  • A notice for each refresh was posted on the Government Electronic Tendering Service, MERX, in July 2011.

Consultant Categories

Human Resources Services Class

  • 1.1 Human Resources Consultant
  • 1.2 Classification and Organizational Design Consultant
  • 1.3 Employment Equity Consultant
  • 1.4 Employee Relation Consultant
  • 1.5 Compensation Consultant
  • 1.6 Human Resources information System Consultant
  • 1.7 Leadership Development Consultant
  • 1.8 Staffing Consultant
  • 1.9 Human Resources Policy Development Consultant
  • 1.10 Human Resources Assistant Consultant

Business Services/Change Management Services Class

  • 2.1 Business Analyst
  • 2.2 Business Continuity Consultant
  • 2.3 Business Consultant
  • 2.4 Organization Development Consultant
  • 2.5 Business Process Consultant
  • 2.6 Change Management Consultant
  • 2.7 Needs Analysis and Research Consultant
  • 2.8 Business Architect
  • 2.9 Statistics Specialist
  • 2.10 Knowledge Management Consultant
  • 2.11 Information/Record Mgmt Specialist
  • 2.12 Evaluation Services Consultant
  • 2.13 Performance Measurement Consultant
  • 2.14 Subject Matter Expert

Project Management Services Class

  • 3.1 Project Administrator
  • 3.2 Project Manager
  • 3.3 Project Leader / Executive
  • 3.4 Project Planner
  • 3.5 Quality Assurance / Management Specialist
  • 3.6 Risk Management Specialist
  • 3.7 Procurement Specialist
  • 3.8 Financial Specialist
  • 3.9 Project Monitor
  • 3.10 Technical Writer

Real Property Project Management Services Class

  • 4.1 Project Administrator for Real Property
  • 4.2 Project Manager for Real Property
  • 4.3 Project Leader for Real Property
  • 4.4 Project Planner for Real Property
  • 4.5 Financial / Cost Specialist for Real Property
  • 4.6 Portfolio Planner for Real Property
  • 4.7 Claims Analyst for Real Property
  • Services provided by each Consultant Category can be found in the RFSO and RFSA solicitation documents posted on Merx.

Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) - Procurement Tool Overview

  • This tool is updated annually to qualify firms and adjust evaluation criteria where necessary.
  • Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement options:
    • Standing Offer:
      • < $250K upper limit;
      • fixed per diem rates;
      • qualified firms experienced with smaller scale projects.
    • Supply arrangement:
      • unlimited $ value;
      • ceiling per diem rates;
      • qualified firms experienced with larger projects.
  • Two-stage evaluation process:
    • Stage 1: General, companies qualify to be placed in pool (yearly); and
    • Stage 2: Specific, companies/people qualify (each procurement request).

Services Not Intended for TSPS

  • Real estate brokerage, leasing services
  • Construction services
  • Property management services
  • Communication services not related to a specific real estate project
  • Risk specialist services not related to a specific real estate project

Use of Other TSPS Classes

  • Human Resources: Wide variety of human resources services including training.
  • Business Consulting/Change Management: Used by real estate organizations to improve their roles, processes, policies and general management and effectiveness of their organizations: does not require real estate experience.
  • Project Management Services: Used by real estate organizations for the procurement side of project management; does not require real estate experience.

Other Procurement Mechanisms

  • Professional Services (PS) Online: under $76,600
  • MERX postings (tendering process): individual or unique projects, construction services, solicitation of leased space
  • "Alternative Forms of Delivery" for Property Management
  • Real Estate Services Standing Offers (Regional)
  • Appraisal Services Standing Offers
  • Investment Banking Services
  • Architectural & Engineering Services Standing Offer
  • Private Public Partnership (P3) Standing Offer
  • Risk Management Standing Offer

Apply to Other Classes, if Appropriate

  • Real property organizations also expect to draw from the other classes as well as the real property class.
  • Change management/business consultant class will be used for studies related to the internal organization and workings of real property organizations.
  • Human resources class will be used for training, etc.
  • Project management services class will be used for procurement services.

Why Should my Company be Interested?

  • Business volume opportunities: large portfolio with federal government's intention to out-task more work.
  • Projects can be "leading edge" in terms of environmental sustainability, heritage conservation.
  • Some work can have regional or national prominence and can be considered "trophy projects".
  • Easy to plan: Projects are often stable and long-term and the "Solutions" aspect will allow companies more flexibility in resourcing projects.
  • Reduced marketing effort: we come to you to request proposals.
  • Government commitment to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thank you

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*This method will not be included in the refresh.