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Chronology of Events and Milestones

Date Events
31 March 2015 Capability ACQ & in Serv Supp-FWSAR (W847A-150179/A) – Notice of publication of the Request for Proposals for the Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement (FWSAR) project.
30 March 2015 Independent Review of Evaluation Plans, Methods and Tools – The final report of an Independent Third Party Audit of the FWSAR project definition method and process was released.
20 December 2013 FWSAR Source List – The FWSAR Project Source List was established.
2-6 December 2013 One-on-one meetings held with potential bidders discussing  High Value Work and Industrial and Regional Benefits Requirements.  (now known as Value Proposition, and Industrial and Technological Benefits)
15 October – 1 November 2013 Site visits – Infrastructure site inspections at the four existing Main Operating Bases/Wings were conducted with an interested potential bidder.
12 September 2013 One-on-one meetings – Ongoing discussion of the draft RFP between industry teams and the Government of Canada.
30 August 2013 Draft Request for Proposals – The draft RFP was issued for review and comments from industry.
17-19 October 2012 Industry Engagement Sessions – Provide project update, present a preliminary view of Industrial and Regional Benefits expectations; define the ISS concept; and depict the Government of Canada's expectations with regards to Airworthiness requirements.
11 April 2012 Industry Workshop
February 2012 FWSAR Secretariat established
16 August 2011 Industry Day on FWSAR Procurement Strategy
15 December 2010 DND Revised Statement of Operating Requirements version 6.0
Winter 2010 National Research Council review of FWSAR Statement of Operational Requirement
Summer 2009 Industry Day Consultation