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FWSAR Chronology

Date Events
12 March 2014 Source List – Publication of the potential bidder names for the Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement (FWSAR) Source List.
20 December 2013 FWSAR Source List – To establish a source list for the Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement (FWSAR) Project
2 to 6 December 2013 One-on-one meetings – The FWSAR Secretariat conducted one-on-one meetings with potential bidders, to discuss High Value Work (HVW) and Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRBs) Requirements. (see Draft RFP link - document 009)
29 November 2013 Response to question – to publish a response and clarification to a supplier question. (see Draft RFP link - document 010)
14 November 2013 Draft High Value Work (HVW) – to announce the availability of additional FWSAR documentation on HVW requirements. (see Draft RFP link - document 009)
6 November 2013 Direct Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) – to provide an amended version of the IRB's Requirements Proposal incorporating the direct IRBs provisions. (see Draft RFP link - document 008)
28 October 2013 Technical Airworthiness Authority (TAA) advisory – to inform industry about availability of TAA's advisory on Performance Based Navigation (PBN), as it applies to the Airworthiness approval and clearance of the Required Navigation Performance (RNP). (see Draft RFP link – document 007)
21 October 2013 Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) – to provide industry with the IRB evaluation approach and requirements. (see Draft RFP link - document 006)
17 October 2013 Extension of closing date – to extend closing date of the LOI until December 30, 2013. (see Draft RFP link – document 005)
20 September 2013 Training SessionFWSAR Secretariat intends to provide a training session on Airworthiness Program. (see Draft Request for Proposal (RFP) link – document 004)
16 September 2013 Executive Summary – Overview of the draft RFP is available online. (see Draft RFP link – document 003)
13 September 2013 Site visits – the FWSAR Secretariat will conduct FWSAR infrastructure site inspections at the four (4) existing Main Operating Bases (MOBs)/Wings between the period of 15 October to 1 November 2013, with interested potential bidder. (see Draft RFP link – document 002)
12 September 2013 One-on-one meetings – to provide a forum of discussion for industry teams and the Government of Canada in order to assist industry with their review of the draft RFP and to allow the Government of Canada to better understand industry concerns. (see Draft RFP link – document 001)
30 August 2013 Draft RFP – Issue of a draft RFP for review and comments from industry, in preparation of the final RFP. The request for proposals will be released in due course.
22 July 2013 Letter of Interest (LOI) (Amendment 002 - PDF Version 22.4Kb) (Help with alternate formats) – to inform bidders that they may have to obtain proper export approvals for engaging in pre-contract activities, such as submitting a proposal; and exporting their controlled goods to Canada for bid evaluation.
16 July 2013 LOI (Amendment 001 - PDF Version 20.4Kb) (Help with alternate formats) – to request comments from industry on the Performance Management Plan.
10 June 2013 Letter of Interest (LOI) (W8475-13001 - PDF Version 16.3Kb) (Help with alternate formats) – to request comments from industry on Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) direct requirements.
31 May 2013 LOI (Amendment 009) – to request further industry feedback in order to establish the level of FWSAR Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) activities that will be required to be performed by Canadian industry. The overall evaluation of bids for the FWSAR project will include an assessment of the High Value Work (HVW) to be conducted by Canadian industry.
31 May 2013 LOI (Amendment 008) – to request industry to provide the current estimated prices of their FWSAR aircraft. The bidders were also requested to provide the estimated aircraft life for a fleet to be operated in Canada. The FWSAR project team solicited recommendations for the systems engineering development approach that should be taken for establishing Mission Assurance Levels. Finally, a draft Requirement Specification was provided to industry to seek their feedback.
28 to 30 May 2013 One-on-one meetings with industry at CANSEC the annual conference of Canadian security and defence industries.
22 May 2013 LOI (Amendment 007) – to provide industry the draft Statement of Operational Intent (SOI).
9 May 2013 LOI (Amendment 006) – to provide industry the draft Statement of Support Intent (SSI) document.
2 May 2013 LOI (Amendment 005) – to announce the participation of the FWSAR project team to the CANSEC 2013 event.
22 April 2013 LOI (Amendment 004) – to provide the high-Level FWSAR capability delivery risk evaluation concept.
28 March 2013 LOI (Amendment 003) – to extend the review period for the Contractual Inherency Concept to 12 April 2013.
25 March 2013 LOI (Amendment 002) – to inform the industry that at least one Main Operating Base
(MOB) per Search and Rescue Region (SRR) will be required year-round; to provide the conceptual view on the split of responsibilities between the Government of Canada and the selected Contractor, with regard to anticipated damages during the course of normal aircraft operations; questions and answers; and the anticipated schedule to release a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) in late summer 2013.
31 January 2013 LOI (Amendment 001) – to provide generic information to industry a FWSAR Video: “A day in the life of a FWSAR crew” was provided upon request.
29 January 2013 LOI (www) for 2013 to share additional information with industry, following the 17-19 October 2012 Engagement Session, such as the conceptual view of the basis of payment and taking into account Industry feedback received.
16 November 2012 Submission of Industry feedback following October 2012 Engagement
17-19 October 2012 Industry Engagement Session hosted
27 September 2012 Letter of Interest (amendment 006) to publish additional info, provide industry engagement session details, and notify of the availability of additional FWSAR documents
21 September 2012 Letter of Interest (amendment 005) to publish additional info, and notify of the availability of additional FWSAR documents, contained also in the cumulative table of FWSAR information
14 September 2012 Letter of Interest (amendment 004) to publish Essential Elements V2.0
13 September 2012 Letter of Interest (amendment 003) to invite industry to the 17-19 October 2012 Industry Engagement
12 July 2012 Letter of Interest to advise industry of available summary re: 11 April 2012 Industry Workshop (www)
11 April 2012 Industry Workshop hosted
09 March 2012 Letter of Interest to invite industry to the 11 April 2012 Workshop
February 2012 The FWSAR Secretariat, chaired by Public Works and Government Services Canada, with the participation of the Department of National Defence and Industry Canada, was created. This Secretariat oversees the procurement activities and provides guidance to the FWSAR Project Management Office.
16 September 2011 Deadline to Industry for submitting discussion paper to comment on FWSAR Procurement Strategy
16 August 2011 Industry Day on FWSAR Procurement Strategy
20 July 2011 Letter of Interest to invite industry to an Industry Day on August 16, 2011
15 December 2010 DND Revised Statement of Operating Requirements version 6.0
Winter 2010 National Research Council review of FWSAR Statement of Operational Requirement
Summer 2009 Industry Day Consultation