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Canadian Coast Guard Fleet Renewal (CCGFR) Projects

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) has a requirement to progressively replace its fleet over the next 25 years to provide a strong, modern, multi-mission fleet, capable of delivering a cost effective and reliable service to Canadians well into the future. A project office has been established at which the PWGSC Team are co-located. Four projects have been announced to date and are part of the major crown project office.

Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel Project

These are medium sized vessels of 37 – 43 metres that can operate up to 120 nm offshore on a 24/7 watch-keeping basis for up to 14 days. These vessels would have a top speed of at least 25 knots and can carry two Rigid-hull Inflatable boats and will accommodate DFO and RCMP enforcement officers. These vessels will be utilized for fisheries enforcement and Maritime Security.

Mike Leroux – Manager
Telephone: 613-949-3132

Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel Project

These vessels are used mainly for science and are multi-taskable for environmental research requiring a low noise signature. They will be capable of trawl surveys and some water column sampling and will be equipped with wet labs. These noise reduced vessels will be in excess of 67 metres in length, have a crew of 22 – 26 and be able to accommodate 19 scientists.

Ron Harrigan – Manager
Telephone: 613-949-0376

Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel Project

These are large offshore vessels (90 – 100 metres) that are multi-taskable for oceanographic, fishery, and geological and hydrographic surveys missions. They will be primarily outfitted for science and equipped with wet labs, bottom and water column sampling capability and will accommodate up to 37 scientists.

Jacques Dumont – Manager
Telephone: 613-949-0374

Polar Class Icebreaker Project

The Canadian Coast Guard's largest and most capable icebreaker, CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, is scheduled for decommissioning in 2017. Accordingly, the Government announced in Budget 2008 funding to acquire a new Polar Icebreaker capable of operating in the Arctic for a longer period and in more difficult conditions than is currently the case. The new Polar Icebreaker will enhance Canada's sovereignty and capabilities in the Arctic in accordance with its Policies for the North.

Charlene Whittaker – Manager
Telephone: 613-949-9131