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Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement (FWSAR) Project

The Canada First Defence Strategy committed Canada to replacing its Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue fleet. The provision of a new capability directly contributes to saving Canadian lives and is a vital component of the search and rescue (SAR) system. The new FWSAR capability, to include new sensor-equipped aircraft and up to 20 years of steady-state in-service support, will replace the aging CC-115 Buffalo and CC-130 legacy Hercules aircraft.

What's New?

Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement Project Request for Proposals (RFP) Released

On March 31, 2015 a notice (Capability ACQ & in Serv Supp-FWSAR (W847A-150179/A)) announcing that the FWSAR Project RFP is available was posted on At the request of the Industry, the RFP closing date has been extended until January 11, 2016.

Independent Review of Evaluation Plans, Methods and Tools

The final report of an Independent Third Party Audit of the FWSAR project definition method and process was released on March 30, 2015. Given the mandate of this audit, the report concludes that "based on the work performed in our review, nothing came to our attention that would cause us to believe that the FWSAR Project plans, methods, processes, decisions or tools are biased, where one bidder was inadvertently favoured over another. Also, we noted methods that are consistent with the objective of promoting a best value procurement approach."

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