New exhibit for visitors to the Capital

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, we have created and installed a multimedia experience at the Capital Information Kiosk across the street from the Parliament Buildings. It includes an immersive video showcasing our Long Term Vision and Plan for the Parliament Buildings and our first-ever virtual reality demonstration for the public.


The new exhibit is located at the Capital Information Kiosk at 90 Wellington Street in Ottawa. This is the building where visitors get tickets for tours of Canada’s Parliament Buildings.


The exhibit highlights the work we are doing to restore and modernize the buildings on Parliament Hill.

As of May 17, 2017, visitors can explore the new Canada 150-themed exhibit inside the Capital Information Kiosk and continue to engage in interactive experiences outside on the plaza.

Inside 90 Wellington

A museum-style exhibit


The exhibit includes a decorative stone carving from the West Block weighing 350 kilograms. The grotesque carving is one of the many original carvings on the building.

Multimedia video

A high-definition multimedia video, spanning across 3 screens, explains the importance of our Long Term Vision and Plan in restoring and modernizing the buildings on and around Parliament Hill.

Outside on the plaza of 90 Wellington

A virtual reality experience

In the virtual reality kiosk, visitors have the chance to put on a headset and enjoy one of several virtual experiences. You can:

Four people are sitting at the virtual reality kiosk outside on the plaza of 90 Wellington. The kiosk consists of four stations along the outside of a painted shipping container.

Virtual reality kiosk

A young woman is wearing a virtual reality headset. She is smiling and giving two thumbs up.

Virtual reality kiosk

A set of feather flags are located at both ends of the virtual reality kiosk. The Peace Tower is in the background.

Virtual reality kiosk

Speaker’s corner

Take a seat in a red Muskoka chair and record a video message about what the Parliament Buildings symbolize to you.

Live animations

The live animations will feature craftspeople demonstrating many of the specialized skills used in the revitalization of the Parliament Buildings, including stone carving, stained glass restoration and wood working. Stay tuned for the dates and times of the live animations.