Organizational Structure

PWGSC Organizational Structure. Text version is below.

Organizational Structure—Text version

  • Minister and Receiver General for Canada
    Judy M. Foote
    • Procurement Ombudsman
      Lorenzo Ieraci
    • Deputy Minister and Deputy Receiver General for Canada
      Marie Lemay
      • Associate Deputy Minister
        Gavin Liddy
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Accounting, Banking and Compensation
        Brigitte Fortin
        • Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Accounting, Banking and Compensation
          Rosanna Di Paola
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Defence and Marine Procurement
        Lisa Campbell
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Procurement
        Randal Cripps
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Procurement Modernization Integration Team
        Sarah Paquet
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, Planning and Communications
        Alfred MacLeod
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Departmental Oversight
        Barbara Glover
      • A/Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources
        André Latreille
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Parliamentary Precinct
        Rob Wright
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Real Property
        Kevin Radford
        • Assiociate Assistant Deputy Minister, Real Property
          Andrew Smith
      • A/Assistant Deputy Minister, Integrated Services
        Tammy Labelle
      • Assistant Deputy Minister, Canada Post Corporation Review
        Alex Lakroni
      • Chief Executive Officer, Translation Bureau
        Donna Achimov
      • Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Administration
        Marty Muldoon
      • A/Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Officer Branch
        Luc Lafrance
      • Senior General Counsel
        Alain Vauclair
      • Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive, Audit and Evaluation
        Linda Anglin
      • Regional Director General, Atlantic
        Stéphan Déry
      • Regional Director General, Quebec
        Mark Quinlan
      • Regional Director General, Ontario
        Sandra Young
      • Regional Director General, Western
        Steve Kelly
      • Regional Director General, Pacific
        Sylvie Bérubé