PWGSC National CADD Standard

5.0 Annex A - CADD Layers

Real Property Space Management

Table Summary

The Standard Layer List below lists the most-used layer names for the Real Property Space Management discipline defined under the PWGSC Layering Standard. New layer names can always be created using the field abbreviations and extensions listed in Annex B Layer Field Descriptions. The French abbreviations are listed just as a reference and should only be used on drawings annotated in French.

English Abvn Description French Abvn
R-BC Building Common Areas  “Accessory B” R-CB
R-BC-COR Shared public corridors R-CB-COR
R-BC-OLN General shared building outline R-CB-CON
R-BC-RMS Shared rooms R-CB-SAL
R-BS Building Service Areas R-SB
R-BS-OLN General building service outline R-SB-CON
R-BS-RMS Building service rooms R-SB-SAL
R-BS-SFT Vertical shafts, elevators, stairs (takes walls over RMS) R-SB-PUV
R-EX Exterior Site Areas R-EX
R-EX-OLN Exterior site areas R-EX-CON
R-FC Floor Common Areas R-AE
R-FC-CNV Convectors (baseboard, radiators) R-AE-CNV
R-FC-COL Building structure, columns (interior and perimeter) R-AE-COL
R-FC-COR Primary circulation R-AE-COR
R-FC-ENC Encroachments (unusable space) R-AE-EMP
R-FC-FIR Fire egress cross over areas, fire refuge areas R-AE-SOS
R-FC-LOB Floor elevator lobbies R-AE-HAL
R-FC-OLN General outline of floor common areas R-AE-CON
R-FC-RMS Electrical, telecom, janitor's closets R-AE-SAL
R-FC-WSR Washrooms R-AE-SAT
R-FC-WSR-BRF Accessible washrooms R-AE-SAT-ACF
R-GA Gross Area R-AB
R-GA-EXT Exterior gross area R-AB-EXT
R-GA-INT Interior gross area R-AB-INT
R-GL General R-GL
R-GL-TXT Street names for space audit R-GL-TEX
R-PK Parking R-ST
R-PK-0000-BRF Barrier-free parking R-ST-0000-ACF
R-PK-0000-DEP Parking number - department name (Special use only) R-ST-0000-MIN
R-PK-DIV Parking divisions R-ST-DIV
R-PK-EXT Exterior parking (Special use only) R-ST-EXT
R-PK-IDN Parking identification numbers R-ST-NUI
R-PK-INT Interior parking (Special use only) R-ST-INT
R-PK-OLN Outlines R-ST-CON
R-PK-SPC Special parking R-ST-SPE
R-SU Surface Maintenance Building R-SU
R-SU-CLG Ceiling finishes R-SU-PFD
R-SU-COR Primary corridors R-SU-COR
R-SU-DEP Space allocation by department R-SU-MIN
R-SU-DIV Division of area R-SU-DIV
R-SU-EXT Exterior finishes R-SU-EXT
R-SU-FLR Floor finishes R-SU-PCH
R-SU-FLR-HIG High-traffic area R-SU-PCH-ELV
R-SU-FLR-LOW Low-traffic area R-SU-PCH-BAS
R-SU-GRP Space allocation by group / branch R-SU-GRP
R-SU-IDN Surface identification number R-SU-NUI
R-SU-OLN Outlines R-SU-CON
R-SU-SPC Special surfaces R-SU-SPE
R-UC User Common R-AC
R-UC-COR Shared public corridors R-AC-COR
R-UC-OLN General shared user outline R-AC-CON
R-UC-RMS Shared rooms (Conference room, day care, mail, etc.) R-AC-SAL
R-US Usable R-AU
R-US-001, 002… Usable area polygons by location R-AU-001, 002
R-US-COR Primary circulation areas (Special use only) R-AU-COR
R-US-DEP Space allocation by department (Special use only) R-AU-MIN
R-US-DIV Division of areas R-AU-DIV
R-US-GRP Space allocation by group / branch (Special use only) R-AU-GRP
R-US-IDN Location identification numbers R-AU-NUI
R-US-OLN General usable outlines (Special use only) R-AU-CON
R-US-RMS Room identification numbers (Special use only) R-AU-SAL-NUI
R-US-UNT Space allocation by units (Special use only) R-AU-UNI
R-ZN Zoning R-ZO
R-ZN-CLE Cleaning zoning R-ZO-NET
R-ZN-FIR Fire egress zoning R-ZO-SOS
R-ZN-SEC Security zoning R-ZO-SEU

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