PWGSC National CADD Standard

6.0 Annex B - Layer Fields Description

Single Layer Field and First Layer Name Extension

The following table lists the Single Layer field and First Layer Name Extension abbreviations that can be used to create new layer names. This is the third or fourth part (if required) of the layer name following the Group field:

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Z

Table Summary

The following table lists the Single Layer Field and First Layer Name Extension abbreviations that can be used to create new layer names. These abbreviations represent the third and the forth optional part of the layer name. The left column of the table lists the abbreviations and the right column, the descriptions.

3DM 3D model components of 2D symbols
ABN Abandoned
ABU Abutments
ABV Above ground, above grade
ACC Accessories
ACR Fire department access routes
AIR Control air piping
ALI Alignment
ALM Intrusion alarms
ANN Annual flowers
ANT Antenna
APC Approach surface (airport)
APR Approach slabs
APX Approximate
ART Artwork
ASP Asphalt
ATT Attributes
AWP Acid waste piping (medical)
BAR Barriers, railings
BDY Legal limits, fee simple, admin., control
BED Vessel beds
BEM Beams
BEN Local benchmarks
BIR Bird hazard (airport)
BKH Bulkheads
BLK Block
BND Boundaries
BRC Bracing
BRF Barrier-free
BRD Bridges
BRG Bearing
BRK Brick
BRL Break lines
BUO Buoys
BYP By-pass box
CAB Cabinet
CAI Caissons
CAL Callout blocks
CAN Canadian boundaries
CAR Cards
CAT Catchments area
CBL Flat wiring cable location
CBT Cable trays, ducts, and raceways
CEX Chemical extinguisher
CHL Chilled water
CHN Chainage
CLD Cold water
CLE Cleaning, clean out
CLG Ceiling-mounted equipment, wiring, or finishes
CLI Centrelines
CLK Clock system
CLN Control lines
CLR Colours
CLS CLSR boundaries, reserves, parks
CLT Control wiring for emergency lighting
CMA Compressed air
CMB Combined sewers
CMP Computers
CNB Flat wiring connection boxes
CNL Navigation channels, corridors
CNT Construction
CNV Convectors
CO2 Carbon dioxide gas
COA Combustion air ductwork
COD Conduits
COL Columns
CON Concrete
COR Corridors
COT Cooling tower
CPT Control points
CRB Curbs
CRP Carpet
CRT Certificates, stamps
CRW Crown slopes, crowns
CTL Controls
CTM Contamination (environment)
CTP Countertops
CTW Catwalks
CUL Culverts
CVY Horizontal conveyors, moving sidewalks
CWL Cope walls, cope beams
CWK Cribwork, ballast floor
DAS Data systems schematics
DAT Chart datum contour, 0.00 m
DBR Debris, rubble, loose rock and soil
DCB DC battery systems
DCL Ditch centre lines
DEC Deciduous
DEK Deck
DEP Space allocation by department
DES Description
DIF Diffusers
DIG Digitized or vectorized from scanned Image
DIM Dimensions
DIV Divisions
DRG Dredged area or limits
DRK Derricks, cranes, gallows
DRN Drains, scuppers
DRS Duct riser diagrams
DSK Desks, work surfaces, tables
DUC Ducts
DWV Drainage waste and vent system
EAS Easement
EFP Electrical fire protection schematics
ELD Electromagnetic locking devices
ELE Elevators
ELK Electrical security locks
ELV Elevation (survey points)
EME Emergency
ENC Encroachments (unusable space)
EPE Explosion-proof equipment
EPR Emergency power wiring & equipment
EQP Equipment
ESC Escalator
ESG Exit signs
EVR Evergreen
EXH Exhaust
EXP Exposed inside/outside wiring
EXT Exterior
FEN Fencing
FEX Foamed extinguisher
FHY Fire hydrants
FIL Backfill, soil line
FIN Finishes
FIR Fire egress
FIX Plumbing fixtures
FLG Flagpoles
FLO Flow, discharge
FLR Floor-mounted equipment, wiring or finishes
FLW Flowers
FND Fenders
FOI Fuel oil
FRL Fire lines
FRM Framing
FST Floating wharfs
FTG Footing
FTN Fountains, pools
FUR Site furnishings, benches, garbage cans, etc.
FWL Fire walls
GAB Gabions
GCV Ground cover
GDP Guideposts
GEN Generators
GLY Glycol
GLZ Glass, glazing
GND Grounding schematics
GPS Global Positioning System
GRA Grading
GRD Grid
GRI Grilles
GRL Guides, guardrails, median dividers, bollards
GRP Space allocation by group / branch
GRS Grass, lawn area
GRV Gravel
GUA Guards
GUT Gutter lines
GWY Gangways
HAT Hatching
HED Door and window headers
HEG Helium gas
HIG High
HNT High normal tide
HOR Horizontal
HOT Hot water
HVD High voltage distribution
HWA Heating water
HWL High water lines
HWY Highway plan
HYD Hydronic equipment
HYG Hydrogen gas
ICE Ice thickness
IDN Identification
IMP Imports (Revit families)
IND Industrial
INS Insulation
INT Interior
IOT Inlet outlet
IRR Irrigation system
JER Jersey wall
JNT Joints
JST Joists
KRK Kirk key interlocks
LAD Ladders
LAN Local area network
LAY Layout line work
LEV Floor level changes, ramps, truck wells
LGO Logos
LGT Lighting control schematics and diagrams
LIM Limits
LIN Line work
LNT Low normal tide
LOB Floor elevator lobbies
LOG Borehole logs and data
LTG Normal powered lighting
LTP Lightning protection schematics
LVD Low voltage distribution
LWL Low water lines
MAJ Major contours
MAN Manholes
MAR Marshes, wetlands
MEC Electrical connections to mechanical equipment
MEG Methane gas
MET Meters
MIL Architectural specialties, casework and millwork
MIN Minor contours
MLI Main lines
MMS Maintenance Management System
MNG Storm water management pond
MON Monuments
MOR Mooring cleats, bollards
MRK Markings and road striping
MSH Mass hauling diagrams
MTR Metering wiring & equipment
MUN Municipal and utility services
NGA Natural gas
NIT Nitrogen (medical)
NOD Node, horizontal reference point
NOF Non-office furniture, first aid room beds, etc.
NPR Normal power schematics, risers
NUM Number
OEQ Office equipment
OFF Office signage
OLN Outlines
OPN Openings
ORN Ornamental
OTA Outside air
OTH Other
OUT Outlets
OVH Overhead
OXY Oxygen (medical)
PAN Distribution panel (electrical, telephone)
PAR Parcel line work
PAS Public address system schematics
PER Perennial
PGA Propane gas
PIC Inserted pictures
PIL Piles
PIP Pipes, piping
PIR Piers
PIT Borrow pit
PLA Plastic
PLM Plume outline
PLN Approach slabs in plan view
PLT Plants
PMP Pumping stations
PNT Points
POL Poles and towers (electrical, communication)
PRF Profiles
PRI Primary
PRO Provincial boundaries
PRS Piping riser diagrams
PRT Partitions (walls)
PST Posts
PTS Station points
RAD Radiant heat
RAI Railway
RAS Raised floors
RAW Raw water lines
RCK Rock
RCL Recirculation
REB Reinforcing
REC Receptacles
REF Refrigerant equipment
REG Regional and municipality boundaries
RET Return
RFG Refrigerant gas
RFL Refrigerant liquid
RLN Reference lines
RME Read Me info
RMN Remnants (archaeology)
RMP Ramps
RMS Rooms
ROD Drivable road limits (asphalt) road, lots
ROW RO water or distilled water (medical)
RPL Reference plan
RPS Real Property information
RRP Riprap
RWL Retaining walls
SAF Life safety
SCD Secondary
SCR System furniture panels, screens
SEC Security zoning
SED Seeded area
SEL Super elevation
SEN Motion sensors
SEP Septic (field, tank, etc.)
SET Seating
SEW Sewer
SFT Shafts
SGL Sign layouts and details
SGN Signs
SHL Shelving
SHO Shoulder
SIG Signalling devices
SIL Window sills
SIZ Size
SKD Skid timbers, skid poles
SLB Slabs
SLI Service lines
SMP Soil sample locations
SND Sand
SNL Stringers
SOD Sodded
SPA Spars
SPC Special
SPK Sprinkler system
SPO Sports facilities, goal nets, etc.
SPR Stratigraphic profiles
SPT Spot elevations
SRB Shrubs
SRF Surface model line work
SSP Steel sheet piling
STA Stations (survey)
STB Setbacks
STG Staging layout plan
STI Strip (airport)
STL Steel
STM Steam
STO Stone
STP Standpipe
STR Stairs, stairwells, and ladders
SUP Supply
SUR Work surfaces, D-tops, P-tops, etc.
SWK Sidewalks
SYM Symbols
TAB Tables
TBK Title block
TEL Telephone
TEN Tenant
TER Terraces
TID Tide gauges, tidal equipment, tide datum
TIE Tie rods, anchor blocks, tie-back walls
TIL Tile
TIM Timber
TMP Temporary
TMT Sewage treatment areas
TNK Tanks
TOE Toe of bank, breakwater, berms
TOP Top of bank, crest of breakwater, berms
TRE Trees
TRL Trails
TRS Transitional surface (airport)
TRU Trusses
TUN Tunnels
TXT Text
UCD Underlying cadastral fabric, deeds, lots, plans
UND Underground, below grade
UNT Space allocation by units
UPS Ups and conditioned power
VAC Vacuum piping
VAL Valves
VAV Variable air volume boxes
VCE Emergency voice communication
VCL Video controllers (Digital)
VCM Video cameras and monitors
VEN Vents
VER Vertical
VID Video system schematics
VIN Vines
VPC Valve pump chamber
VPT Viewports
WAL Wall-mounted equipment or wiring
WEL Well
WIN Windows
WLI Water lines
WLK Roof boardwalks, catwalks
WNG Wing wall
WOR Working area
WRG Wiring
WSR Washrooms
WST Waste schematics
WTR Watercourse
XRE External reference
ZNS Zoning surfaces

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