PWGSC National CADD Standard

8.0 Annex D - Quality Control of CADD Data

Table Summary

The following table describes the items that are checked during the CADD data file quality control. The first column indicates the article of the PWGSC National CADD Standard that refers to the items. The second column describes the items checked. The last three columns are used to mark the compliance of the element as yes, no or not applicable.

  Requirements of Quality Control Compliance
Layers Yes No n/a
3.2 Layer names are compliant with the PWGSC National CADD Standard      
3.2.1 Objects are on the correct layers      
3.1 No object resides on layer 0 or DEFPOINTS      
3.2.6 No new layer name was created when the proper standard layer already exists      
2.3.3 No layer names with an external reference “Bind” prefix      
Colour assignment Yes No n/a
3.2.5 The colors assigned to layers are set up to obtain the correct line thickness using the appropriate PWGSC regional pen charts. (Annex C)      
3.2.5 Objects are created with colour “ByLayer” (except for objects in blocks)      
Blocks Yes No n/a
3.3.3 The block library provided by the regional PWGSC office is used (if applicable)      
3.3.3 The use of blocks is uniform throughout the project drawing set      
3.3.3 The blocks are created respecting the rules described in the PWGSC National CADD Standard (i.e. Created on layer “0”, colour and linetype “ByBlock” or “ByLayer”, appropriate scale and dimension, etc.)      
3.3 Blocks are not exploded      
Text styles Yes No n/a
3.4 Text Styles are created using only standard AutoCAD® SHX fonts or Arial, Arial Narrow and StylusBT TTF font files      
3.4.1 Text Styles names are compliant with the PWGSC National CADD Standard      
3.4.2 Proper use of text height      
Dimension and multileader styles Yes No n/a
3.5 All dimensions are associative      
3.5.1 Dimension and Multileader Style names are compliant with the PWGSC National CADD Standard      
3.5 Layout of dimensioning follows one of the two accepted formats (Engineering or Architectural)      
Linetypes and hatch patterns Yes No n/a
3.6 Only standard AutoCAD® and/or PWGSC linetypes / hatch patterns are used      
3.6 Linetypes and hatch patterns are metric      
3.6 Linetype display variables are set up correctly (i.e. LTSCALE, PSLTSCALE)      
External references and raster images Yes No n/a
2.3.3 Drawings do not contain any external reference (except if certain conditions are met and are inserted with path type set to “No Path”)      
2.3.4 Raster images and related coordinates information files used in the drawings are included in the submission      
Drawing set up and page layout Yes No n/a
3.7.1 The appropriate PWGSC regional title blocks are inserted in the layouts at coordinates (0,0,0) with scale factor of 1 and rotation angle of 0      
3.7.1 Only one title block is inserted per layout      
3.7.1 Title blocks are not exploded      
3.7.2 Title blocks contain all the required information      
3.1 Viewports are set to the preferred scale and locked      
3.7.3 Each plan, section, detail, elevation, etc. is accompanied by a heading, the appropriate graphic scale and, if required, a north arrow      
3.7 Annotations objects such as notes, dimensions, hatch patterns, linetypes, blocks, etc are scaled accordingly to match final viewport or block insertion scaling      
System of measurement and coordinate system Yes No n/a
3.8 Drawings are modeled at full-size using metric units in the model space. Buildings/structures plans and details are in millimeters. Site plans are in meters      
2.3.1 The coordinate systems integrity is maintained for 2D drawings      
Drawing Presentation Yes No n/a
3.0 Good drafting practices are used in the project to make the drawings easy to interpret: good positioning of annotations and dimensions, use of legends and schedules, layout of structural grid and cross-referencing bubbles.      
3.0 A key plan is placed in the title sheet that locates the structure for large projects      
3.1 Lines are drawn in an orthogonal mode when appropriate to the drawing      
3.1 Vector endpoint intersections are drawn with closed corners      
3.0 Drawings do not contain unnecessary frozen or off layers For Tender and As-built drawings      
File presentation Yes No n/a
3.1 Drawings are purged of all definitions that are not used      
3.1 Drawings do not contain any object definitions without geometry, such as empty text or blocks without objects      
3.1 Drawings do not contain errors that are detectable using the Audit command      
4.0 Drawing files are named according to the appropriate PWGSC regional standard. When there is no regional naming convention, names are arranged in a logical format      
2.4.1 The files are not compressed in EXE format, not password-protected, do not contain any electronic signature or hyperlink      
3.1 Drawings are saved with properly formatted Page Setup and the main layout zoomed out and active      
  As-built drawings contains engineering/architect's stamps for certification (Ontario region)      

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