Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Booking government conference facilities

How do I book government conference facilities in the National Capital Area?

Federal government conference facilities are available to all federal departments and agencies, and Crown corporations. These facilities can only be reserved for federal government functions. For more information or to make a reservation, visit the Event and Conference Management Web site (This information is only accessible to federal government employees).

Buying, leasing and renting government real estate

How do I rent or lease office space to the federal government?

For information related to conducting business with the federal government, visit the Government Electronic Tendering Service - MERX and Buy and Sell.

How do I find out about federal real estate available for sale to the general public?

Visit PWGSC Real Estate Online.

Certified wood

Does Public Works and Government Services Canada use certified wood products in its projects?

PWGSC requires all wood products used in its building projects to be certified under one of the three certification systems that operate in Canada: the Canadian Standards Association Sustainable Forest Management Standard, the Forest Stewardship Council's system or the Sustainable Forests Initiative's system. The department believes all three of these systems effectively promote more sustainable management of Canada's forest resources.

Public Works and Government Services Canada uses the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)-Canada New Construction Green Building Rating System in many of its projects. As stated in the requirements for Credit 7 - Certified Wood, in the Materials and Resources Section, LEED® only recognizes wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. How does PWGSC view this credit for its construction and renovation projects?

Public Works and Government Services Canada views this LEED® credit as too restrictive. The department has instructed all project managers not to require the certified wood credit in projects using the LEED® system, but rather to pursue the assessment in other credit areas, such as energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management.


How do I go about seeking employment with PWGSC?

Check out Careers at PWGSC or Careers Within the Federal Government.

Fit-up standards

Where can I find information about the Federal Government's fit-up standards?

For more information view PWGSC's Fit-up Standards.

Flag requests

How can I add my name to the waiting list for a Canadian flag that has flown on Parliament Hill?

To request a flag that has flown on Parliament Hill, you must send a written request with your name, complete home address, telephone number, email address, as well as your choice of flag.

The approximate waiting period is currently at 42 years for a Peace Tower flag and 31 years for the East and West Block flags. Our policy is to give only one flag per household. As these flags are paid for by Canadian taxpayers, they are given to residents and are not sent outside of Canada. Should you move before having received your flag, it is your responsibility to notify our office of your change of address so that we may update your file.

To request a flag or to report a change of address, please contact Public Works and Government Services Canada by letter, facsimile or email:

Public Works and Government Services Canada
Office of the Minister
18A1, Portage III
11 Laurier Street
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0S5

Fax: 819-953-1908

Government property

How do I find out which department owns a specific property?

The Directory of Federal Real Property provides a listing of Government of Canada real property holdings. You can search for properties or buildings using a number of search criteria including keywords or by federal organization.

How do I find a listing of Government of Canada properties or buildings in a particular area?

You can search for Government of Canada real property holdings in a particular area in the Directory of Federal Real Property. Use the search criteria in the left-hand menu to search for property by province/territory, municipality, metropolitan area or electoral district.

RPB documents

Where can I find documents on regulations and guidelines related to real property?

Find real property related publications by visiting RPB Publications.