Guidelines for External Presentation or Publication of Professional and Technical Papers

Real Property Branch (RPB) staff, with expertise in various architectural and engineering disciplines, often prepare professional and technical papers for presentation and/or publication to external audiences. To promote consistency with departmental practices, positions, and policies, and to mitigate any negative consequences related to misinterpretation/ misrepresentation by the intended audience of the department's position on the subject matter, RPB has adopted specific guidelines to assist their staff. These guidelines apply to all papers that are:

  • presented in person by the author
  • presented by someone delegated to act on behalf of the author
  • included in the proceedings of a meeting
  • published in technical and professional journals
  • published on the internet.

All RPB staff will ensure that all papers to be published and/or presented to external audiences adopt the following guidelines:

  • Prior to writing or co-authoring a professional/technical paper employees will inform their supervisor of their intent. (Where the paper has already been written, employees will inform their supervisor if there is an intent to publish/present)
  • In circumstances where client specific information is to be included or referenced in the paper, client approval for release of the information must be sought prior to inclusion in the paper or presentation.
  • When the paper has been completed, the employee will share the content with their manager prior to presenting or publishing. Where content or subject matter is new, controversial, or addressing an issue where the department's position is unclear, the paper will be shared with the employee's functional director prior to presenting or publishing.
  • The author will submit an electronic version of the document, in both official languages, to the applicable web publisher.
  • For information purposes, the Director General's office (NCA) or the Regional Director General (RDG)'s office (regions) should be notified that a paper will be written (or has been written) and when/where it will be published.


  • "Attendance at Conferences" Policy (for information pertaining to conference attendance and travel approval authorities)
  • Framework for Managing PSPC Communications,This link is available only to clients with access to The Source, the PWGSC/PSPC intranet. March 2010 (for information pertaining to Public Services and Procurement Canada's (PSPC) responsibilities in fulfilling the requirements of Treasury Board's "Government Communications Policy")
  • Communications Policy of the Government of Canada, "Publishing Policy," October 1996 (for information pertaining to PSPC's requirements with respect to the production of timely, environmentally friendly, cost-effective publications)
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