National Senior Project Management Network


The network is established to:

  • provide a national forum for on-going communications/coordination of activities between SPM's from all regions to network, discuss client service issues, projects, strategies and initiatives to achieve consistency and improvement of project management processes in the real property teams;
  • provide a 'common voice' in project management, to accomplish tasks, explore initiatives, identify and resolve issues, and to share information and project experiences;
  • communicate project management issues and resolutions across all levels of the organization.

Network Membership:

The network includes:

  • SPM Council Management Board:
    • Two SPM representatives from each region (rotational 2 year staggered term
    • Chairperson: elected by the Board from within its membership (rotated annually by election within the new Council Management Board)
    • Secretariat: provided by Board Chairperson's region
  • All regional SPM's:
  • Others: Specialists as required from a wide variety of internal professional, technical contractual, legal disciplines, and industry and client team representatives, etc. (at discretion of Chair).
  • Project Managers from the host region will be invited to participate in the annual forum.


Subject matter is 'all inclusive' within the project management mandate.

  • SPM Network:
    • Presentations from regional SPM's on projects, business practices and issues on project management in client environments.
    • External speakers on topics of current interest.
    • Discussions on initiatives to implement following the national forum which are in line with the established SPM Council Management Board mandate.
    • Meetings between SPM's in relation to common clients.
  • SPM Council Board:
    • Manages the annual SPM Network forum.
    • Carries out initiatives which are established at the annual SPM Network forum.
    • Coordinates activities and provides communication on progress and other issues of interest to the Council Board.

Meeting Frequency and Location:

  • Council Management Board: quarterly or at the discretion of the Chairperson.
  • SPM Network: annual forum
  • Both hosted alternately in regions.
  • National Project Management System Web site provides an alternative to meetings for urgent issues.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • SPM Council Management Board and Network:
    • Chairperson: schedules Board and Network committee meetings and develops initial agenda with input from Director Project Management/Regional Managers/SPM's and committee members.
    • Secretary: confirms and finalizes Board and Network agenda for the Chairs' approval two weeks in advance of the scheduled meeting.
    • Host region: provides for meeting facilities/support services for each meeting, and blocks hotel rooms for all attendees.
    • Regions are responsible for the accommodation and travel costs of their attendees.


  • Chairperson: maintains a record of decisions and follow-up as required
  • Secretary:
    • prepares and distributes minutes, within a three-week period following each meeting, to committee members and senior management;
    • produces reports for all members summarizing all issues, comments and suggestions raised, and highlights action taken as a result of such comments;
    • produces quarterly and annual reports as required.
  • Committee members: share pertinent information with all staff.