NCA Project Review Advisory Committee
(Sample Report)

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Approvals Requested:

  • Describe various approvals and timelines required from the Committee (financial, contractual, resourcing, organizational, project team etc.)

Project Objectives and Options:

  • Define objectives, issues, concerns and participation of client
  • Define various options considered and major risks associated with each option
  • Define/justify the preferred option and strategies for the implementation and procurement
  • Confirm conformance to PSPC client sustainable development commitments
  • Other:

Project Issues:

  • Define environmental and heritage issues
  • Define design and construction issues
  • Define concerns and issues related to health and safety, authorities having jurisdiction, etc.
  • Other:

Other Issues:

  • Define communications strategy, public relations concerns etc.
  • Define shortages of materials in industry, market conditions, weather conditions
  • Define makeup of project team and any need for specialists
  • Define other internal approvals required i.e., Investment Management Board, Design Review Committee, Treasury Board, Real Property Contracting, etc.
  • Define interface and external approvals required i.e., Environment Canada, National Capital Commission, Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office, building owners, etc.

NCA Project Review Advisory Committee Approvals:

  • Define major decisions and approvals of the Committee related to project scope, methodology implementation strategy, specific issues, conditions etc.

NCA Project Review Advisory Committee Chairperson:

Note: Future changes to the project scope which could alter, modify or jeopardize this original NCA Project Review Advisory Committee approval must be resubmitted to the Director Project Management for consideration for a possible new Committee meeting.