Design Management Services Agreement

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For Level 2, 3 and 4 Projects

(Ideally, this information is incorporated into the Project Charter.)


(Provide a brief description of project parameters): project title and general scope of work, client department, location, project size, broad schedule, total estimated project cost, Footnote *estimated construction costs, key objectives, special project or client requirements, issues or concerns:

Scope of Services:

Refer to "Design Management Roles and Responsibilities":

  • describe any services that are extra or of particular importance (as required)
  • describe what is not included in the scope for the design management services (as required)

Refer to "Design Management Services Checklist" - (fill out checklist and provide as an attachment):

  • identify who will take the lead (Electrical, Environmental, Interior Design etc.)

Key Stakeholders:

List Project Team members, Steering Committee members (if applicable) etc.


(Indicate fiscal year as required)


Footnote *

This includes all hard costs (architectural, mechanical, electrical etc.) for the construction phase of the project but does not include service costs, moving costs or furniture.

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