Pre-Established Review Stages for the Review of Consultant Documents

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Review and Acceptance Stages for documents:

The review and acceptance of design and construction documents and cost estimates for this project will take place at the following stages of project delivery:

(Choose from the following stages. Reviews may take place following individual stages or a combination of stages based on project scope, complexity etc. What is important is that the review stages be pre-established and agreed upon by the PM and the Design Manager.)Footnote *

  • % completion and Substantive (Class 'B') Estimates 1
  • % completion and Substantive (Class 'B') Estimates 2
  • % completion and Substantive (Class 'A') Estimates 3

Quality Assurance Services:

The following services will be provided by the Design Manager at each of the pre-established stages identified above:

(List all services to be provided at each of the pre-established review stages. (See the document 'Determining the Level and Scope of Design Management Services' to specify services).


Footnote *

Review and acceptance stages identified must be incorporated into the Project Brief/Terms of Reference in the Request for Proposals document.

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