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Flowchart - Real Property Branch Accessibility Standard

Is your department within the meaning of Section 2 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA)?

  • No: Check to see if you use the TB policy or have your own policy.
  • Yes: Departments must provide barrier-free access based on the TB policy and the CSA standard. Does policy satisfy the special needs of an employees with a disability?
    • No: Departments must take appropriate steps.
    • Yes: Does the department have its own standards?
      • Yes: Use the departmental standards.
      • No: Where practicable, persons with disabilities must have the same level of access. Departments must take temporary action if required. Is this a lease?
        • No: Explore Exemptions Table.
        • Yes: If leased out (with some caveats), tenant must adhere to TB policy.
          • Next: Explore Exemptions Table.
        • Yes: Landlord must adhere to the policy and tenant fit-up and operations must not interfere with access.
          • Next: Explore Exemptions Table.

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