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On this page you will find listed any updates, amendments or additions to the National Project Management System (NPMS) Web site.

June 2015

March 2015

January 2015

  • For Real Property Project users:
    • Annexes of the NPMS Directive for Real Property Projects were updated to specify that approval of revised deliverables is required at the same level of authority as the one needed for the original document.
    • The Cost Management diagram, along with the definitions of construction cost estimate were updated to highlight the importance of obtaining a Class B (substantive) cost estimate to obtain Expenditure Authority (EA).

December 2014

September 2014

  • For Real Property Project users:
    • A new section on Specialized Areas was added to include the matters of interest for the PWGSC Real Property context that are not covered in the standard Project Management Institute (PMI) knowledge areas for construction projects. This section includes the NPMS Procedure on Managing Projects for Heritage Properties, and the Aboriginal Consultation and Accommodation (duty to consult).
    • The Product Turn-over (PTO) page and Close Out Document (COD) have been updated to reflect that:
      • For Asset Project funded by PWGSC in crown-owned building: PTO is the Certificate of Substantial Performance (Interim).
      • For OGD Asset Project: PTO is the Certificate of Substantial Performance + OGD Client Acceptance Letter.
      • For Space Project: PTO is the Interim Certificate of Completion of Lessee's Improvements
        • For Lease Projects, the client acceptance is the Occupancy Instrument (OI).
        • For Crown Projects, the OI is tenant acceptance and the sign off on the COD by the Project Leader is the client acceptance that the project is complete.

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