Initiation à Twitter et à la traduction de gazouillis (SFE-140) [offered in French only]


This training is offered in French only and is intended for people translating or revising English-to-French texts. More details below.


Professional training


Introductory workshop on the Twitter micro-blogging platform, with translation exercises. How do you register on Twitter, subscribe to accounts, write tweets and retweet ones you find interesting. Translate tweets while adhering to the 140-character limit. How to correctly abbreviate tweets in French. How to use hashtags effectively.

This course is an updated version of the Translating Tweets course.

Course code: SFE-140

Open to

Translators, revisers and other language professionals


Participants must already be involved in translating or revising texts from English to French.


The workshop is given in French; however, participants are welcome to use the official language of their choice.

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • use Twitter without any problems
  • write and translate effective tweets
  • know how to search for and create hashtags
  • Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Exercises

One half-day


Please consult the directory and schedule of Translation Bureau courses web page.

Number of participants


The Translation Bureau reserves the right to cancel this activity if fewer than eight registrations are received.

Course fee

$200 (free of charge for Translation Bureau employees)

20% discount for members of a recognized professional association with proof of current membership (photocopy of membership card).


To register for this workshop, please consult the registration procedure and form for Translation Bureau courses web page.

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