Rédiger sans faute (SFE-196) [offered in French only]


This workshop is offered in French only and is intended for administrative personnel who write or revise French texts. More details below.


Training for administrative personnel


Do you find it difficult to follow past participle agreement rules? Do you often hesitate between using « er and é »? or « c’est, ses and ces » and other words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently? Would you like your emails to have fewer “anglicisms”? Then this workshop is for you. During the workshop, participants will review some basic elements of French grammar. Course content: various group and individual exercises.

Course code: SFE-196

Open to

Employees in the Translation Bureau, other government departments and agencies and the private sector. This workshop is geared to administrative personnel and not to translators and terminologists.




This workshop is conducted in French.

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • differentiate between frequent homonyms, such as son and sont, c’est and ces, quand and quant
  • select words that really express what they think by following tips and using identification tables
  • recognize certain anglicisms so that they can be avoided and select the appropriate words
  • develop and correctly apply the main grammatical rules applicable to the agreement of past participles, pronouns and their complements, verbs with several subjects, and collective nouns
  • name classes of words and recognize their function in a sentence

One day


Please consult the directory and schedule of Translation Bureau courses web page.

Number of participants


The Translation Bureau reserves the right to cancel this activity if fewer than eight registrations are received.

Course fee

$345 (free of charge for Translation Bureau employees)

20% discount for members of a recognized professional association with proof of current membership (photocopy of membership card).


To register for this workshop, please consult the registration procedure and form for Translation Bureau courses web page.

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