Réviser et relire les textes de pige (SFE-410) [offered in French only and reserved for Translation Bureau employees]


This workshop is offered in French only and is reserved for Translation Bureau employees translating or revising English-to-French texts. More details below.


Professional training


This is a workshop/seminar reserved for Translation Bureau translators that provides participants with various parameters and tools for evaluating the quality of texts submitted by freelance translators. Before the workshop, participants will be contacted and asked to submit translations that they have revised or reread. The workshop facilitator will use these texts to prepare rereading, revision, and error-naming exercises, which should be rewarding for everyone.

Course code: SFE-410

Open to

Translation Bureau Francophone translators and revisers.


Participants must have some revising experience or have already taken a Translation Bureau workshop on revision (Principles and practice of revision).


The workshop is given in French.

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • explain the various mechanisms for quality control set out in the Bureau’s standards
  • choose which control mechanism to use on the basis of language-related and other factors
  • list the guidelines for rereading a translation
  • list the criteria for assessing the overall quality of a translation
  • explain the particularities of ensuring the control of translations produced by suppliers
  • categorize the types of errors made in translations to be able to justify quality control interventions

One day


Please consult the directory and schedule of Translation Bureau courses web page.

Number of participants

Maximum of six


To register for this workshop, please consult the registration procedure and form for Translation Bureau courses web page.

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