Internal Audit and Evaluation reports

In government and in the private sector, internal audits and evaluations contribute to improving the management and cost-effectiveness of program delivery activities and internal operations, to strengthening accountability, and achievement of results for Canadians. Internal audits provide independent and objective advice on the effectiveness and adequacy of risk management, controls and governance processes. Evaluations provide independent and objective advice on the business performance of programs, policies and initiatives.

The Office of Audit and Evaluation produces internal audit and evaluation reports for use as on-going management tools to assist the department in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its activities and demonstrating accountability for and stewardship of resources.

Management Action Plans are developed to respond to internal audit and evaluation report recommendations. Branch heads are responsible for the implementation of the Management Action Plans.

Internal Audit and Evaluation reports and Management Action Plans are tabled at the Department's Audit and Evaluation Committee which meets six times a year to ensure that the results of internal audits and evaluations are incorporated in the departmental decision-making processes.

Since 1999, internal audit and evaluation reports and related Management Action Plans have been posted on Public Works and Government Services Canada's (PWGSC) Internet Web site after recommendation for approval by the Audit and Evaluation Committee and approval by the Deputy Minister. From time to time, Management Action Plans may be updated to reflect progress to date. For all questions regarding reports and Management Action Plans, please see the Contact us section on the PWGSC web site.

For access to older audit and evaluation reports, please contact the Office of Audit and Evaluation.