Gauvin, Lysanne, Assistant Deputy Minister, Finance, Accounting, Banking and Compensation Branch

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2005-05-24 to 2005-05-26 To participate in a National Finance meeting2005-05-24 to 2005-05-261426.82 $1,426.82
2005-04-28 to 2005-04-28 To present the Financial Management Framework at a Quebec Region Leadership Conference and discuss the role of managers2005-04-28 to 2005-04-281518.48 $91.66
2005-04-17 to 2005-04-20 To participate at the Government Wide Managers Community Network Conference2005-04-17 to 2005-04-203293.27 $1,774.79
2005-04-10 to 2005-04-13 To attend the Electronic Payments Association 'Payments 2005' Conference2005-04-10 to 2005-04-138730.92 $5,437.65
2005-03-30 to 2005-04-01 To visit the Pacific Region to discuss the Financial Management Framework2005-03-30 to 2005-04-0110411.39 $1,680.47
2005-03-08 to 2005-03-09 To present the Financial Management Framework to the Western Region Leadership Conference2005-03-08 to 2005-03-0911849.49 $1,438.10
TOTAL $11,849.49

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses reported to date