Consultation: Expanding Canada's toolkit to address corporate wrongdoing

Addressing Corporate Wrongdoing in Canada - #LetsTalkCorporateWrongdoing

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The Government of Canada is committed to taking action against corporate wrongdoing and to holding companies accountable for such misconduct. The Government of Canada recognizes that it is important to continually assess whether the right tools are in place to achieve this. To this end, the government is launching a public consultation from September 25 to November 17, 2017 to seek input on potential enhancements to the Integrity Regime and on a possible Canadian deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) regime.

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About the consultation

What Canada is doing to combat unethical, improper and illegal corporate behaviour, and considerations for the future.

Integrity Regime consultation

Participate in consultations to help inform potential enhancements to the government-wide Integrity Regime.

Deferred prosecution agreement consultation

Participate in consultations to help inform the introduction of a possible Canadian DPA regime.

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