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Download and use the promotional tools in your workplace and publications. We also encourage you to share the products with your partners, clients and others to further increase participation.

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Downloadable poster

The poster provides an overview of the types of fraud, collusion and corruption that can arise in federal contracts and real property agreements and encourages those with information to report it using the toll-free line or online form.

“Crack down on fraud” campaign poster (PDF version, 175KB)
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“Crack down on fraud” Campaign poster
Text version

The top third of the poster features two sets of hands suspiciously passing $100 bills between them. Cracked glass overlays the image. The title overlaying the image reads: “Crack down on fraud, collusion and corruption in federal contracts.” Against a green background, a subtitle reads “Report it anonymously.”

The middle third of the poster shows two descriptive icons relating to a toll-free line (1-844-365-1616) and the online form address ( against a white background.

The bottom third of the poster describes the types of fraud, collusion and corruption using icons and text against a green background, including:

  • bid-rigging: secretly rigging the outcome of a procurement process
  • price fixing: agreeing to raise or fix prices charged to the Government of Canada
  • bribery: offering, giving, or receiving something of value to influence business decisions
  • conflict of interest: awarding contracts improperly or in a non-competitive way due to an interest in a transaction
  • false invoicing: claiming or billing for fictional goods, works or services
  • product switching: providing products that are defective or substandard to the quality specified in a bid or in a quantity inferior to that specified

At the very bottom of the poster, the Government of Canada wordmark and logo appear in small print against a grey background.

Web banner

The web banner can be used to help promote the toll-free line and online form on your respective website.

“Crack down on fraud” campaign banner (PNG image, 98KB)
Alternative formats and plug-ins

“Crack down on fraud” Campaign banner
Text version
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