Parliament Hill flags

On February 15, 1965, our national flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill. Five flags fly on the Hill: one over the Peace Tower, one on each side of the Centre Block, one over the West Block and one over the East Block.

The flag master

Every weekday, the designated flag master changes the Peace Tower flag, except on statutory holidays and during poor weather conditions. The flag is also changed for half-masting. The other Parliament Hill flags are changed weekly and on days that they are at half-mast.

To replace the Peace Tower flag, the flag master folds and places a new flag in a satchel, takes the elevator to the observation deck, and climbs 33 metres of stairs and ladders. Once at the top, the flag master lowers the flying flag and raises the new one on the 10.7-metre flagpole. Throughout the 20 to 30 minute process, the flag is never to touch the ground.

Meet the flag master

Flags on Parliament Hill

Flags Approximate size Minimal pole height requirement Approximate waiting period
(as of September 30, 2016)
Peace Tower flag 2.3 m x 4.6 m
(7.5 ft x 15 ft)
13.7 m to 15.2 m
(45 ft to 50 ft)
63 years
Other Parliament Hill flags 1.35 m x 2.7 m
(4.5 ft x 9 ft)
9.1 m to 10.7 m
(30 ft to 35 ft)
50 years


The waiting periods are updated in March and September. If you have requested a flag, the acknowledgement that you received will contain the most reliable approximate waiting period.

Requesting a flag

To request a flag that has flown on Parliament Hill or to report a change of address for a previous request, provide the following information to Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC):

Any Canadian resident can send a request to be added to the waiting list to receive a Canadian flag that has flown on Parliament Hill. Due to the growing demand for flags and their limited allotment, the protocol is to donate only one flag per person and/or household.

You have moved? Please provide your new address to ensure that your flag gets to you.


Public Services and Procurement Canada
Office of the Minister
Place du Portage, Phase III, 18A1
11 Laurier Street
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0S5




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