Rehabilitating the Centre Block

The Centre Block is one of Canada's most recognized and iconic buildings. Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) is the department responsible for managing the building for the Government of Canada. Our ongoing work ensures that the Centre Block honours Canada's past and provides a legacy for the nation's future.

Rehabilitation project

View enlarged image of a poultice partially covering one of the Peace Tower's gargoyles to draw out copper staining and salt

Rehabilitating the Centre Block will be PWGSC's largest and most complex heritage rehabilitation project ever. The building suffers from crumbling mortar, aging water pipes and outdated mechanical, electrical and safety systems. It also suffers from technology and security demands that have outgrown the nearly century-old building.

We expect it will take about 10 years to fully restore and modernize it inside and out.

The project is expected to begin in 2018. Requests for Qualification were launched in July 2015 to enable firms to prequalify for this large-scale project. PWGSC sought input from the pre-qualified firms. This is one way PWGSC, using this Smart Procurement, can reduce timelines and get value for money.

While the Centre Block is closed, the newly built West Block courtyard will serve as the home of the interim House of Commons Chamber, As well, the Government Conference Centre will serve as the interim Chamber of the Senate. This is not the first time the Chamber has temporarily moved. After the fire in 1916, the amphitheatre of what is now the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa was converted into a short-term House of Commons Chamber.

Learn more about rehabilitating the West Block and the Government Conference Centre and office accommodation.

Until this major project begins, we are working on the sections where there is a more immediate need: the east pavilion and the ventilation towers. Age, wind and rain exposure, water infiltration and the freeze-thaw cycle have damaged these structures.

We are currently working to:

We are also exploring how best to protect artifacts, such as marble floors, chandeliers, carved doors and stained glass windows, so they will not be damaged during the project.

Rehabilitation details

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