Changing of the Peace Tower Flag

The Peace Tower flag is changed every day, Monday to Friday, except on statutory holidays and days when it is flown at half-mast. For safety reasons, during poor weather conditions such as a snowstorm or high winds, the flag is not changed.

An experienced Public Works and Government Services Canada employee has the responsibility, among others, for the changing of the Peace Tower flag. Before climbing to the top of the Peace Tower, the employee unfolds the flag to ensure its quality, and then refolds it and places it in a bag. A folded flag weighs around 2.3 kg. The employee takes the elevator to the observation deck. From there, he climbs a total of 33 m using both stairs and ladders. The new flag must be prepared in the storage room and not on top of the Peace Tower, since the space on top is only 1.2 m x 1.2 m. The employee lowers the flag and then raises the new one to the top of the 10.7 m pole. The flag dimensions are 230 cm x 460 cm. As a sign of respect, the flag must not touch the ground.

The entire process to change the flag on the Peace Tower takes from 20 to 30 minutes.

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Changing the Peace Tower Flag

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